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St Just v Penzance

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St Just 4-3 Penzance Reserves

A late rally from Penzance was not enough to salvage a point at Lafrowda Parc against a St Just team that had built up a 4-0 lead before the hour was out. In front of a dig derby crowd St Just deservedly built up their lead from a Tom Mannering hat-trick and single from Matthew Gendall. St Just break up front using long balls from the back which are seized on and used to good effect.

St Just took the lead after only a few minutes of play. A long through ball from the back sees Mannering run onto it and he deftly lobs Penzance’s keeper, Craig Nicholls, to put the Tinners 1-0 up after 3mins.

The game becomes fairly even if a little closed with neither team being able to put flowing moves together. Penzance are trying the long ball game but their attacks are easily cut out by the St Just back four. Penzance’s Ashley Thomas manages to fire off a long range cross goal shot that curls away from the goal.

Then just before the half-hour St Just double their lead. A corner is floated in, cleared out, falls to Matt Gendall who volleys cross goal into the net from the right to make it 2-0 after 27mins.

Then another long ball from Andrew Curnow in the St Just goal, sees it flicked on and cleared off the line for a corner. Stephan Smith then tries his luck from 35yds, after a long goal kick, but his shot just dips over the bar.

Penzance are being run ragged and Tom Hosking is booked for disputing an off-side and Thomas is also booked for dissent. A rare Penzance break results in corner on the right. The ball comes over but Gary Matthews heads just wide of the back post.

Then just before half-time St Just get their third when they get a corner on the right. It’s curled into the box, goes through the keeper’s arms and Mannering is on the back post to bundle it over. 3-0 after 45mins.

There is not enough time to restart as the ref blows for half-time.


The half starts with Penzance making a substitution bringing on Wade Brown for Ian Philips who had been carrying an injury.

The match carries on as before with the Penzance breaking down in the final third of the pitch. Jamie Devine is booked for kicking the ball away when pulled up by the ref for a challenge.

Penzance break left, a cross is touched on but Steve Hancock blasts over.

Then the ref awards a penalty to St Just for holding in the box. Mannering steps up and shoots low to the right to get his hat-trick and St Just’s fourth. 4-0 after 55mins.

This goal seems to fire Penzance into action and they spend the rest of the match on top.

Three minutes after the penalty they break down the left, cross in and Hosking at the back of the box fires in a low cross goal volley to make it 4-1 after 58mins.

Penzance up their tempo, start passing the ball round better in mid-field and have St Just chasing the ball. Good work on the left from Ross Badcock sees him cross into the box for Brown whose cross goal shot is just wide.

St Just make a substitution and then one of their players gets booked for a tackle.

Penzance get a corner. Take it short and Ryan Holland volleys over the keeper from an acute angle on the bye line. Brilliant goal. 4-2 after 76mins.

St Just’s captain, Neil Curnow gets booked for a tackle.

Then Penzance score again. A long ball from the back reaches Hancock who is 30yds out on the right. He fires a high cross goal volley that beats the keeper making 4-3 after 79mins.

St Just make another substitution. Penzance press but can’t break the goal line again.

The ref blows full time much to the delight of the men in green.

Penzance Man of the Match goes to Steve Hancock.

Penzance – Craig Nicholls, Ryan Holland, Darren Holsey, Gary Matthews, Tom Hosking, Mark Grenfell, Ross Badcock, Ian Philips, Ashley Thomas, Jamie Devine, Steve Hancock

Subs – Wade Brown (Philips 45), Tom Withecombe, Charlie Penny, Bradley Wills

Corners - St Just 8-6 Penzance (5-3 1st half)

Crowd – 92 (36 from Pz)

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Trying to be spot on before the report gets picked to shreds by the great Rodney Beer.

If he isn't moaning about Pz, he isn't happy.

First it's the team budget, then he thought our keeper got sent off, now it's about Mr Mewton. He doesn't give up and we all have to be so perfect so as to not be in his firing line.

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Oh Paul, what a shame. You have all the advantages. Lovely pitch provided by Penwith, to whom we all pay our taxes. Brilliant John Mead, the ultimate authority on every rule, with all the right connections. A wealthy sponsor raining money into your club. Politically sophisticated, metropolitan, biggest crowds in the Combo League, fantastic IT due to the likes of your good self, excellent media links through your weekly coverage in the local newspaper "The Magpieman". If all that wasn't enough, now you have Clever Tap Tap Trevor, the most iconic mac wearer since Harold Wilson and the cream of the "Ludgvan Academy" guiding your young lads in the ways of righteousness ! Wonderful climate, palm trees everywhere, a tourist mecca, the capital city of Penwith !

Course, I'm desperately jealous. A backward yokel from the hills beyond Newbridge, banned from all informed debate because I lack the art and subtlety to petition the kingpins of Cornish football administration, with a collapsed stand, a sloping pitch, ruined mines. What chance do St Just have of challenging your imperial majesty ?

The last half-hour of the match showed your mighty powers and we appreciate that you conceded four goals beforehand merely as a friendly gesture of encouragement, a pat on the head for our inferior endeavours, a gesture of politesse by sagacious guests. What a compliment that Tap Tap should then consider our players worthy of his attention. Perhaps we should deliver them to his mansion in Fraddon, wreathed with fruit and wrapped in linen.

Thank you for your kind attention, Paul. We bow, kow and tow to the greatness of Smack City. Obeisance and homage as ever to your munificence, rising fragrantly from our prone peasant posteriors !

4-3,4-3,4-3,4-3 :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: :c:

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Trying to be spot on before the report gets picked to shreds by the great Rodney Beer.

If he isn't moaning about Pz, he isn't happy.

First it's the team budget, then he thought our keeper got sent off, now it's about Mr Mewton. He doesn't give up and we all have to be so perfect so as to not be in his firing line.


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Ais, yo, proper job ! Scat to'un, boy ! Killun, did'ee ? :c:

Why,. thank you, Special One :D , and be assured that Truro, Newquay, Perranporth, Tripoli, Racing Santander and Dartmoor Penitentiary can always count on St Just allies if they are playing the Robbing Magpies, just as we will be cheering for your Inter boys against the Red Scum this evening ! The Daniell Road Revolutionary Tendency (me) also supports Kevin Heaney ! :D

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