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Hi guys

The ONESport gloves are now available to buy online at www.onesport.co.uk

There are only a very limited number available from now till the end of the season as they will go on general sale in various stores around the South West in July for the start of next year.

So be the first to test them out before next season!! I have had orders from Hungary and the States overnight so they're going worldwide!!

Any questions please feel free to ask.


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Sorry you appear not to have sufficient intelligence to appreciate that my comment was not a complaint.

Are we not all entitled to opinions? And how do you mean I have done Wadebridge and St Stephens Borough?

And Claret and Blue, you have the edge on me because you appear to be anonymous.

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Bit harsh Chairman!! Having played in Cornwall all my life and having to fork out a lot of money every time I needed a new pair of gloves I have tried to create a brand that that is affordable but without compromising the quality.

I am just starting up and need all the help I can get from my local community. I am not a huge company competing for business and not caring about the people I sell to. I am merely a one man band trying to create a new brand based in Cornwall and will offer a personal service to all my customers!! Give me a break!!

At least it is football related!!

I will, once we have sorted it, adviertise in the proper way via links etc but at the moment I don't think this is harmnig anyone!!

I will remove the post if anyone thinks I'm wrong.

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I entirely agree with Chairman:this forum is no place for advirtisements "per se"-although because of Spider's input both on and off this Forum and the fact that it is football related,I see no real objection.However,let's hope the floodgates do not let in the likes of "Fred's Taxis"," Joe's Cafe" or "Bill's Fish 'n Chips".

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