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Carling Cup Final


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Before the Spurs fans start throwing bricks at me this isn't a dig.

Far from it.

I can't see past Man.U winning this one. Probably quite comfortably as well.

The way they are playing at this moment I can't even see them losing a single domestic game between now and the end of the season.

My prediction: 3-0 to Man.U

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Red Scum 3 Spuds 0. Could be more, but the gap is so huge they'll probably settle for three and put on Possebon and the minor twin fullback and the tealadies after poking in the third after about an hour and we'll all take the dog out or fall asleep.

Poor old Spuds. Dumped out of everything now, in a sack in the garage, probably sprouting and going to seed. Get used to it. Plenty of Championship pitches used to be spud fields. Sunny Scunny awaits !

I see Gomez was back on form in Europe ! :lol:

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2.1 i think to Man Utd to win it in extra time i think. Then again who knows, Spurs seemed to rather enjoy this little cup, Harry himself has even stated it more important the the UEFA Cup.

Rather baffling, perhaps, when u consider that playing in the UEFA cup is the prize for winning the League Cup? If Harry is not-such a big fan of Europes 2nd best cup why is the League cup so important? :huh:

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Silly, silly Isaac Rosenberg, how many times must you be told we still aren't playing the German striker Mario Gomez in goal, we signed Heurelho Gomes in the summer of 2008, surely you've heard of him, he's the goalie who made errors whislt carrying a thigh injury until October and has been top notch since.... why would you think we had a striker in goal, silly boy.

And why will be playing Scunthorpe next season? They are a League One team, surely you know how relegation works, silly boy.

A one and a six, the answer to your 'question' is easy really my dear french loving friend, the UEFA Cup involves playing 15 games whereas the the League Cup is just 6 matches and the prize is a cup (something Le Arse have done remarkably well to avoid in the last 4 years!) while the European place is a bonus.

The reason he isn't bothered about it this year is many of his players are ineligible for this year (Corluka, Pavlyuchenko, Keane, Defoe, Cudicini) and his main aim was keeping us up hence why first priority is keeping us in the league (silly I know as anybody with any inteligence knows we will accept for silly boys) followed by qualifying for European football next season, hence us aiming to win the League Cup making the FA and UEFA cup lesser priorties.

A one and six should take note as its looking like 'Europes 2nd best cup' is the competition his beloved croissant munchers will be competing in next season, hopefully we'll see you there dear boy!

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The winner will be Wembley PLC for charging genuine supporters over the top fees for watching this very one sided final.

It will be over by half time, surely the fans will be entitled to a partial refund.

I will nor be watching the game, rather watch paint dry.

I think I'll walk the dog.

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