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FHFL 1 Points Changes?


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Been comparing Packet league Table to mine and some discrepancies. Some just seem to be poor maths, but need some clearing up to ensure accuracy.

St Day have ? been deducted a point. ????

St Agnes deducted 1 point - ?should be 3 for game against Chacewater

If anybody has any info about these could they let me know. Then I can add todays results.

All now remedied

NB: This is all without Truro allegedly being docked points.

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Guest Garry Kay

St Day were deducted a point from the 0-0 draw with St Agnes on Boxing Day and St Agnes were awarded the three points. This was because St Day used a Mining League player and the Mining League appearances were not recognised by FHFL in establishing the player as a junior player after five junior appearances.

The Albion game was called off yesterday by the committee on Friday after a pitch inspection.

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