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Throgmorton tie off again!

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Wadebridge Town v Saltash United Throgmorton cup

The Throgmorton Cup 3rd round tie has been postponed again as both Wadebridge and Saltash's pitches were deemed unfit for play.

It will now be scheduled for Tuesday 3rd February with Wadebridge as the 1st choice venue, Saltash as 2nd choice. If off on Tuesday, they will try again on Wednesday 4th Feb!

The winners are due to be at home to Ivybridge Town in the quarter finals on Tuesday 10th February.

Also .....

Elmore v Elburton Villa in the St Lukes is also OFF on Tuesday night (now Tues 3rd Feb)

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Totally agree, what a farce!

And am I right in thinking it's yet another game called off the day before the game (which isn't supposed to happen except in extreme conditions).

Spoke to many supporters on Saturday (at Buckland) who are beginning to feel frustrated about the way the league is being run. Why should the likes of Ivybridge and Wadebridge get special dispensation when the rest of the clubs are expected to be forking the pitch and doing everything they can to get the game on?!

Another example is Bodmin a couple of weeks ago. They called their game off for a frozen pitch - we drove from St Austell to Wadebridge that day and there wasn't a bit of frost/ice to be seen!

Quite simply, the weather has not been bad enough to cause this many postponements; it's making a mockery of our league.

As for calling games off 24 hours in advance when other clubs are expected to do everything they can to get the game on, some consistency please!

Even if the pitch is awful, what harm is there in getting the ref to do an inspection say four hours before kick off. This would give time for news of postponements to be posted here, on the SWPL forum, and for those without internet, they can always phone the club.

This new trend of calling games of well in advance, even when good weather is forecast, is a worrying trend for this league - some would think we don't want to get the games played!! :SM_carton_y:

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