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Having listened to your suggestions about the gloves you use I've had some samples made up. I have gone with a range of three gloves including a finger protection and an Aqua style.

All styles have roller finger, full palm and roll thumb for 100% ball to glove contact. All details will soon be on the ONESport website (www.onesport.co.uk).

I want to give a pair of these gloves away for testing so if you want some free gloves please email sales@onesport.co.uk with your glove size and in a couple of weeks I'll draw a name out of a hat and send that person a pair to test out.

I am open to any comments/suggestions.


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I gather the Truro City 'keeper was wearing a pair of these gloves against AFC Totton .... and kept a clean sheet - no coincidence I say. Just like having glue on your hands!!!

Didn't Gary Sprake at Leeds actually have glue on his gloves once. The ball stuck and, when he tried to throw it out, it ended up in his own net. Priceless!

The kop sang Des O'Connor's "Careless Hands"

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Guest Fingers7


the gloves look excellent and look excellent value but how are they gonna react after they have been used a couple of times and are seriously muddy and i presume washed in warm soapy water. I would imagine every keeper on here has suffered after washing their gloves, they never quite feel the same.

obviously this is the reason you are gonna have a draw so that they can be tested fully by one lucky recipient.

I know this may sound cheeky but if a keeper from senior football gets the gloves he will not experience the same level of mud and crap that a junior keeper would encounter, therefore a false impression would be possible. Its just a thought and they have too many fingers for me!!

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In repy to your question Fingers7. Gloves don't tend to last that long however much you spend on them anyway!! Which is why I found it quite annoying having to folk out £50+ per pair on what I thought were quality gloves. I have a range here that I believe are as good a quality as names such as Selsport but for £20 cheeper!!

They were put up against a pair of Selsport Wrappa last week when I showed them to a local sports shop and there was no difference in quality and the way they are made. The shopkeeper has said that he will definately stock them when they come in, he was that impressed with them.

Obviously the real test is in the performance and Truro's Martin Rice seemed very impressed when he wore the Pro-Tect gloves last week.

All gloves will obviously last longer if you look after them. I always wash mine in the shower after a game to make sure that the mud never drys into the glove.

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