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Falmouth Town v Southern League opposition (record)

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Saturday 30th.August 08 F.A.Cup. Preliminary Round

FALMOUTH TOWN (S.W.P.L-Premier) v TRURO CITY (S.L. Division1 South West)

The full FALMOUTH TOWN Record against Southern League opposition and above is-


1962-63 4th. Qual.Rd...Home v Bath City (S.L Premier)......... Won 2-1

1962-62 1st.Rd.Proper.Home v Oxford United (F.L.Div4)....... .Lost 1-2

1963-64 4th.Qual.Rd....Away v Bath City (SL.Premier)...........Won 2-0

1967-68.1st.Rd.Proper.Away v Peterborough United (FL Div3) Lost 2-5 (Monday night -snowed off on the Saturday)

1969-70.4th.Qual.Rd...Home v Ton Pentre (Welsh Premier).... Drew 1-1,Replay 1-1 A;2nd.Replay 1-0H

1969-70.1st.Rd.Proper.Home v Peterborough United (F.L.Div.4) Lost 1-4

1973-74.3rd.Qual.Rd...Home v Bideford (S.L.Div1 S)..............Drew 3-3,Replay 1-1A;2nd.Replay 2-2A;3rd.Replay 2-2H; 4th.Replay Lost 1-2 at Home Park Plymouth.(9hours of football -3rd.longest in the history of the F.A.Cup.

1974-75.2nd.Qual.Rd...Away v Minehead (S.L.Div1 S)...............Lost 2-3

1975-76.4th.Qual.Rd....Home v Yeovil Town (S.L.Premier)........ Lost 1-5

1976-77.3rd.Qual.Rd....Home v Yeovil Town (S.L.Premier).........Won 2-0

1976-77.4th.Qual.Rd....Home v Minehead (S.L.Premier)............Drew 1-1;Replay Lost 0-3 A

1980-81.3rd.Qual.Rd....Away v Taunton Town (S.L.Midland Div) Lost 0-1 (No Premier division)

1990-91.1st.Qual.Rd....Home v Dorchester Town (S.L.Premier).Lost 2-4

1992-93.2nd.Qual.Rd...Home v Bath City (Conference) ............Lost 0-3

1995-96.1st.Qual.Rd...Home v Weston Super-Mare(S.L.Div1 S).Drew 1-1; Replay Lost 0-5A

1996-97.1st.Qual.Rd...Away v Cirencester Town (S.L.Div1 S)... Lost 0-2

1998-99.3rd.Qual.Rd.. Away v Worcester City (S.L.Premier)..... Lost 1-3

2000-01.2nd.Qual.Rd..Away v Mangotsfield United (S.L.Div1 W).Lost 1-10

2002-03.1st.Qual.Rd...Home v Evesham United (S.L.Div1 W).....Lost 1-2

2005-06.1st.Qual.Rd...Away v Chippenham Town (S.L.Premier).Lost 0-4

2008-09.Prelimin.Rd...Home v Truro City (S.L.Div1 SW)............Lost


1972-73.2nd.Qual.Rd...Away v Barry Town (S.L.Div 1N).......Lost 0-1

1973-74.1st.Qual.Rd....Home v Ton Pentre.(Welsh Premier).Won 2-0

1973-74.3rd.Qual.Rd....Away v Bath City (S.L.Div 1 S)........Won 2-0

1973-74.1st.Rd.Proper.Home v Minehead (S.L.Div1S)...........Lost 0-1

1974-75.1st.Qual.Rd...Away v Bideford (S.L.Div1 S)...........Won 5-1

1974-75.3rd.Qual.Rd...Away v Poole Town (S.L.Div1 S).......Lost 2-3

1975-76.1st.Qual.Rd...Home v Trowbridge Town (S.L.Div1S)Won 7-1

1975-76.3rd.Qual.Rd..Away v Minehead (S.L.Div.1S)..........Drew0-0,Replay 0-0A;2nd.Replay 2-1 at Weymouth.

1975-76.1st.Rd.Proper.Home v Weymouth (S.L.Premier) ....Lost 2-3

1976-77.1st.Rd.Proper.Away v Weymouth (S.L.Premier).....Drew 1-1. Replay Lost 2-3 H.

1977-78.1st.Rd.Proper.Home v Minehead (S.L.Premier)......Won 3-0

1977-78.2nd.Rd.Proper.Away v Hendon (Isthmian Premier) Lost 0-4 (Midweek)

1978-79.1st.Rd.Proper.Away v Yeovil Town(S.L.Premier).....Lost 0-3

1980-81.1st.Qual.Rd....Home v Pontllanfraith(Welsh Premier)Won 2-1

Thanks to Richard Rundle's F.C.H.D reference site

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Well evidently Mr Odgers isnt particually confident!!

Big ask for Bowks and Co tomorrow but im sure they will be fired up and will be looking to give a good account of themselves and use the game as valuable experience for their youngsters. Much will depend on the strength of the Truro side sent out and considering a place in the next round of footballs greatest domestic cup competition is at stake, I think it will be strong.

If Falmouth can keep the door shut or atleast in touching distance by half time then it could be an interesting encounter between two old enemies!

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I would personally LOVE Falmouth to beat their oldest enemy, but I do feel that the 'ask' is too great!

Love the records above Mike - Here's one for you. I remember as a small (ish) lad watching Falmouth play at St James' Park (Exeter's ground) and I'm sure it was an FA Cup match. I can't seem to think who it was against, or in what year, although 'Lily the Pink' was a song that was sang around the ground at the time, so in the sixty's (I know, not much help!) It may have been a reply or something, but I'm confident that you will have that bit of knowledge tucked away in the ole grey matter somewhere!

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Guest Postie Pidge

Any one got the stupidity to vote for Falmouth ?

Who had the "stupidity" to put Exeter City down for a draw at Man United in the FA Cup?

Who had the "stupidity" to put Sutton United down for a home win against Coventry City in the FA Cup?

Who had the "stupidity" to put Wrexham down for a home win against Arsenal in the FA Cup?

Who had the "stupidity" to put Falmouth Town for a home win against Tiverton Town in the FA Cup?

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Have you got the attendance figures for the above Mike??


Not at a glance Paul-but they say 8000 for the Oxford game and I believe the Ton Pentre ground record is 3000 for one of the Falmouth's visits.

I might try and work on the gate figures but I will try 'Pidge'first

Good luck tomorrow against Paulton Rovers hope you pass a fitness test.

Thankyou for reminding me of the 10 - 1 defeat @ Magnotsfield Mike !

Id just got over that one !

It was difficult punching in that score Damian-it probably was the lowest feeling on my Falmouth travels as I didn't have much to say on that bus ride home.

I think the referee wished he had not sent 'Sweeter' off for his sarcastic hand clap of the linesman as he was holding the defence together for the first 30 minutes.

Then the floodgates opened with the crowd shouting 'Feed the Seal' as a certain David Seal scored about 5.

If I remember correctly Dave Sweet never got suspended for that -perhaps the referee conveniently forgot to send in his disciplinary report.

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Guest Terrier Tom

Any one got the stupidity to vote for Falmouth ?

Who had the "stupidity" to put Exeter City down for a draw at Man United in the FA Cup?


After all, "if" (and I appreciate it is a HUGE if) Falmouth got promoted and Truro got relegated, the teams would technically be in the same league next season. My point being there is a smaller 'league' gap between Falmouth & Truro as there is in United v Exeter.

Moreover, I bet the % differences in budget between Exeter & Man Utd are far greater than the difference between Fal & Truro.

Hence, if Exeter can get a draw against United with all that against them, why couldn't Falmouth spring a suprise!?

GL to both teams. :smiley20:

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