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Truro 2 Perranwell 2

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Well i watched the game at a windswept Truro and it was a strange game really, Truro are a very talented outfit but the boys in blue had enough chances to have won this game really ! they battled away and got a point which is full credit to them.

And a good size crowd too! I usually have a moan and groan but i was listening to the rugby on my radio so enough said!

Good luck to Truro with their venture but it's nice to see the underdogs do well sometimes! ( and i don't mean Portsmouth ) as i am red through and through! Well done Barnsley too!!!

And i miss mr Beers wonderful tales on St Just f.c , Steve Curnow will keep it going!!! :c:

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..Kempy mate I thought you were unlucky again yesterday but this time you at least got a point ......deserved more really .

Truro had better learn fast that no matter how much pretty football they can ...and do ...play , the side that hits the back of the net most takes the points , if they seriously want to win the title .

How can they score loads with shots from outside the box in the semi then go back to trying to walk it past the keeper yesterday and failing miserably ???

Opens the League title race up again nicely :o:o :o

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If Helston win their games in hand Truro still have a 2 point advantage.

Tuesday 8th April might be the decider. Helston v Truro.

you would like to think it will come down to that game but everytime truro slip up and give helston an advantage they fail to take it lets hope they make the most of their latest oppertunity good luck winno :thumbsup:

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