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Matt Cusack on his decision to join Parkway!

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Excellent interview.  A really genuine and honest bloke.  I remember when he and his brother were released by Argyle and they joined Torpoint.  He has learned an awful lot about the game since then and deserves his chance.  Nice of him to name as one of his role models Dave Leonard who is doing a fantastic job at Argyle ladies.  It won't be the last we will have heard of this guy.  I wish him well.       

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Really interesting interview. Sounds almost like it will be a director of football/head coach style relationship between Lee Hobbs and Matt Cusack.  Heard it said before that Lee has an encyclopedic knowledge of the players on the local scene (certainly looked like the Bodmin's quality of player recruitment dropped off when he left), and that Matt was the best coach on the SWPL scene. This new managerial structure at Parkway should play to both their strengths.




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