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SWPL - Tuesday 6 November 2018

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Sticker will regret not taking the chances presented to them for sure, but can take some solace out of the game having hit the crossbar on two occasions, with the goalkeeper well beaten, and we felt they were capable of getting a draw before the killer 3rd goal went in.
Sticker seemed to hand their opposition scoring opportunities on a plate when instead of clearing their lines upfield, they will play across field.
Two of Helstons goals came from balls being given away, rather than from them winning them.
Although Sticker must do better, can do better and will do better, we  feel that the youngsters in the side are still learning their trade and the future of the club is in good hands.
Good luck to the boys on saturday when they journey to Launceston in the Cornwall Senior Cup, a good result here is not beyond them if they play to their potential.

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