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Fixtures 25th Feb

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St Agnes 6 - Royal Par 1. St Agnes fielded a very strong side, possibly through respect for our ability more likely because even an un-used sub would get on the score sheet against us. Clearly the Royal part of our name no longer carries any weight, the Queen rung up Cams our manager mid week and asked us to stop using that moniker. Court Jester Par she suggested though the court jester has just rung and asked if we could down grade it. 4-0 down at the break, a score that flattered Perranporth and we weren't even playing them. Cams asked us to win the second half which we did by scoring 1 and conceding 2. We are basically the Jamaican bob sleigh team of Vets football. As always St Agnes were great, good laugh on the pitch, no airs and graces. Their ability to cut a 9 inch pizza into 592 slices after the game has to be admired.

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Sorry I missed you and the lads today Dave, great report as usual mate!! Went Budapest for 5 days then straight back to Glasgow for 6 days with plenty of snow and minus temperatures thrown in and had a chest infection ever since! My breathing is worse than when I’ve got to run 30 yards to get back onside!! ? Catch you another time ?⚽️

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