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Goonhavern stolen lawnmower

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Just seen this on Facebook, let's help and try to help a fellow side out. 

'I am speechless.... despite an alarm going off and somebody being there in 6 minutes some scum have smashed their way through the doors and pinched our new mower from Goonhavern Football Club, the one we have not long purchased to replace the previously stolen one.... if anybody hears anything can they let us know Thanks'

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Bloody thieves ,  police no chance , you will probably have a better chance finding out yourself which scrot took it , if you do send all your players around at the same time  and if they have a garden have a kickabouts in it , that would send a message and no one would get injured , but the offender would probably squeal to the cops and they would turn up mob handed , would be fun seeing a bunch of players though in their own backyard ,  the internet would go into melt down .

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