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  1. How are you defining the word offensive here? Only racial abuse or just anything that someone finds offensive? Completely disagree with you here when you say Racism is deep rooted in society. These recent events took place in stadiums with 50,000+ people. Of course there will be a very small minority in that crowd who have extreme views but that isn't indicative of a racist society as a whole. The UK is probably the most tolerant society in the world.
  2. The gambling industry is just one huge double standard. All the adverts about responsible gambling are simply to appease any government watchdog groups. What most punters don't know is that if you start to beat a bookmaker they will restrict/limit or outright refuse you service. This obviously isn't a concern for most as the majority will simply lose money in the long run, but the exploitative stance of the bookmakers really winds me up personally. Quite happy to take £5 accumulator "mug bets" with awful odds, every weekend from some young lad. But they'll run for the hills if you do bet intelligently and responsibly. Also, it costs Sky £11m per game in terms of fees to the Premier League and given the main viewing demographic will be something like males aged under 30 (just a guess) the gambling advertisement money seems an easy go to. So it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation. The more demand/viewers there are, the more competitive the £ fees will be and the more Sky will be paid by gambling companies to gain this exposure. Final point I'll make is that companies like bet365 are absolutely massive. They operate on 25% margins that only a drug dealer would turn their nose up at and as a result they have huge financial clout and influence. In short, these adverts won't be going away any time soon unless people either stop watching or stop betting. I could rattle on all day about these companies but I'll leave it at that for now.
  3. Think we played with a Onesport ball out at St.day and I did actually notice that it was a nice quality ball. Not sure which model but I do remember the brand. Definitely makes a huge difference in my opinion. Usually balls are either massively over inflated or they're light and beach ball like. ⚽
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