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Newton Abbot grounds (SWL)


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I know Newton Abbot Spurs have always played at Marsh Road Recreation Ground.

In the late 1970s/1980s, Newton Abbot Dynamos (later to change name to Newton Abbot) were members of the SWL. I don't think they played at Coach Road at all but I have no information on where they played. Their ground was described as Centrax Sports Field which I think they played at for the majority of their time but I'm led to believe they used another ground for their final season.

This, or their previous ground I was told was high up and only accessed through a field.

I know there are enough 'legends' who probably played there and I'm hoping you'll be able to help me.


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Yes it was pretty high up, from memory we went up the hill from the Pen Inn Roundabout. I don't remember going through any fields to get to the ground though, everything was accessible from the changing rooms I think. Centrax definitely rings a bell too. We (Falmouth) played there at the end of one season and needed a win to win the SWL but only drew, we got our win the following week.

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