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RIP Phillip Hughes


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RIP Phillip Hughes

I am sure there are many who play football who also play cricket and will be extremely sad at the death of Australian Phillip Hughes after being struck by the ball. It is easy to have a knee jerk reaction to this tragic accident but it does highlight the dangers of playing cricket in todays world. I have long been an advocate of banning the bouncer, short ball as it is dangerous.

The question is not about redesigning the helmets but actually actively banning the bouncer. It is obvious that players are more prepared nowadays to take on a bouncer rather duck out of the way at a ball that could be traveling at 90mph plus because they wear a helmet.

For a start what is the point of the bouncer, simple, it is there to intimidate. What has happened to the days when the object of the game is to defend the three stumps. Now it is actually defending yourself. Anyone who has played the game knows that you have a split second to decide whether to attack the ball or take evasive action. The danger comes when for that split second the player is in two minds as to what to do.

Let us be clear that a bouncer is bowled to hurt. It is a lethal weapon. So what should be done because now the time is right to discuss the whole issue as everyone around the world is trying to find the intimidating the 90 plus mph bowler. And this will not go away unless it is discussed rationally.

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I don't play much cricket but I regularly watch it on the TV, particularly England games and also The Ashes.

When I woke up early this morning I was in a state of shock when I switched on Sky Sports News and saw the news running across the bottom of the screen. When a bouncer is bowled I think players make a very quick judgement as to whether they are going to duck out of the way or play a shot. Because it happens a lot in todays game I think players are more prepared and have learnt how to play bouncers and how to deal with them. Cricket is a potentially very dangerous sport, as people have now found out if they didn't know before. I'm not sure whether they will make it illegal to be able to bowl this kind of ball. It is there to intimidate opponents, it's not designed to make you deliberately hurt them, although it has done in Phil's case. I can't see the point in it anyway. You should be aiming to bowl the ball as quick as you can towards the stumps, that way getting them out or make them play a shot where the ball can then be caught, or get them out Leg Before Wicket (LBW).

The question remains though, and it's a debate that could go on forever. Is it time to re-design the cricket helmet OR should they ban the bouncer ball?

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When I heard this news I was saddened - but not shocked

Plain Lazy calls this a freak accident - I couldn't disagree more

This is the ultimate terrible consequence of allowing one person to bowl a small hard ball at someones head at high speed

There have been close calls before this, and now this poor lad has paid with his life.

As for banning the bouncer - forget it

5 Live had a special last night from Australia and they were discussing how soon was too early to bowl the next one ! And the boys not even buried yet

One of the pundits on another show described the bouncer as " a legitimate weapon in a bowlers armoury "

Says it all really

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If I heard correctly I think there is a debate as to whether cricket helmets should be designed more to look like baseball helmets. I think it's because baseball helmets give more protection to the neck area, close to where Phil Hughes got hit and subsequently took his life. Thankfully this isn't a regular occurrence. Again I heard stat on Sky Sports News yesterday which said in years upon years of cricket this is only the second or third major incident in history. They also had a load of former and current professional cricketers on there having interviews and they all said that it was a freakish accident. I think they were all in a state of shock to say much more than that. Think this took a lot of people by surprise.

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