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2013-14 Premier Division Club Programmes Review

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This is my third review of the programmes from the Premier Division - in advance sorry to bore some of you ! Generally each club's programme is their home game versus St Austell, this why I haven't reviewed programmes from the East and West Divisions. Generally the standard of publication is very good, but some clubs are lucky in having sponsors for their programme others who are not so lucky are restricted by club funds.

I have collected football programmes for over fifty years now and I have a good knowledge of what constitutes a good programme. At this Level it should have the following -

1 An attractive cover in the club colours with an action photo or a ground view, if possible with the match details - date and opposition.

2 A good amount of reading material e.g. Club news, notes from the Chairman and/or Secretary, views from the manager. A potted history of the club, an article about the match opponents. Historical reports of previous encounters between the teams, and reports of current matches. News of the clubs other teams.

3 Statistics - up to date league tables, fixtures and results of all the club's teams and a results/line ups grid. Attendances.

4 A player profile.

5 If costs allow action, player and team photographs.

6 Details of the clubs officials, contact addresses etc, sponsors details.

Some clubs do make good use of the statistics from the SWPL website.

The best programme by far is that from ELMORE. Thoroughly deserved the League's Programme of the Year Award. It is outstanding for this level, upto Conference standards. Printed in colour throughout, plenty of reading, thorough statistics, covering all aspects of the club. Well done to Colin Gunney, programme editor. Excellent value for money.

BODMIN TOWN - Same successful format of previous seasons. Plenty of reading, detailed statistics and good colour photographs. Good value for money. A worthy runner up to Elmore. well done Dave Sandry.

BOVEY TRACEY - Much improved this season, a bright cover, well presented with a good amount of reading and statistics.

CAMELFORD - Bright cover with club badge, improved from last season, 4 page insert into a seasonal shell.

CULLOMPTON RANGERS - Again the excellent colourful issue from Cully. Good amount of reading and statistics, a worthwhile programme.

ELBURTON VILLA - An impressive cover with colour photographs, brief 8 page insert.

FALMOUTH TOWN - Nice cover in club colours and team photo. Well produced interior with club statistics, history, club and league news.

GODOLPHIN ATLANTIC - Good cover in club colours with team photo. Improved on previous seasons with more detail inside. I liked the player profiles, good idea.

IVYBRIDGE TOWN - Like the above a good cover in club colours, team photo and badge. Well presented articles and statistics, good player profile.

LAUNCESTON - Always a well produced programme, one I look forward to receiving. Good articles and thorough statistics. Match details on the cover indicates a fresh copy each issue.

LISKEARD ATHLETIC - Similar format to previous seasons. Well produced with good use of colour, good amount of reading and plenty of statistical information, good use of SWPL website information.

NEWQUAY - Continues to be a favourite of mine. An excellent publication which couldn't have been far off the League awards. Good use of colour on the cover and throughout the programme. Plenty of reading covering all aspects of the club, good coverage of the visiting club. Well done Tom Howe & Mark Charles-Rowe.

PLYMOUTH PARKWAY - A worthwhile programme, excellent cover photos of ground, action and player pictures inside Good statistics.. Very well presented and worthy of the League Champions.

ST. AUSTELL - not being biased but a very worthwhile programme. An excellent cover with colour action photo and club badge. A well produced 32 page shell with colour action photos, club articles, history, past seasons results and tables, also League Club guide.

Each match there is an updated 12/16 page inset with club notes, fixtures and results grid. Well done Steve Bullen.

ST. BLAZEY - Similar format to previous seasons. Once again a well produced programme with a splendid colour cover of the ground and club badge. Plenty of reading material and updated statistics. I always find the Blaise Gallery - past action photos from previous matches and the Blast from the past of interest.

SALTASH UNITED - Always an excellent programme. Bright cover with match details indicating a fresh issue each game. Well presented with good reading e.g. match reports and statistics in detail.

TAVISTOCK - I think that the club must have run out of the programme shell as only the 4 page insert was available for the match v St Austell. In fairness the shell of last season's programme was excellent, I would think that this season's was the same.

TORPOINT ATHLETIC - Always a worthwhile programme, great colour cover, plenty of reading material and thorough statistics. All well brought together by that stalwart of programme editors - Robbie Morris. Well Done.

WITHERIDGE - One of the programmes I like forward to every season, despite we usually lose at Edge Down Park. Great colour cover of new stand of club badge. Again superbly presented with plenty of reading, statistics which cover all areas of both club and league, plus a quiz. I especially like the team line ups on the centre page with the club badges as a background, a nice touch. Great value for money. Well done again Billy Roberts.

Hopefully not too many of you haven't dropped off by now ! Thanks again to the club secretaries for sending me the programmes promptly and apologies to those few who I have to remind with a text or an e-mail !

Have a good summer and enjoy the World Cup. Nick Hone.

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Thank You once again Nick for your lovely comments about last seasons Witheridge programme. Not sure what sort of quality programme Witheridge will be producing from now on as I stepped down after 8 years doing the job amongst many others at the end of last season and I am no longer associated with Witheridge Football Club.

Your work and commitment hopefully has been appreciated by your club, certainly by me when reading your programmes.
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Thanks for your comments on the programme again Nick. It's nice to hear of any feed back, especially complimentary ones. Obviously! :)

I have to agree with you that Elmore deserved the top award, hopefully we will be able to make further improvements this season and put some pressure on them, but it will be difficult to top them.

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