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That is what we are trying to find out Kevin, the dates, etc.

Porthleven don't know, we at Pz don't know.

They were played last year between Sat 27th July - Sat 3rd August, with the season for Div 1 West starting on Sat 17th August.

We are hoping season will start this year on 16th August meaning we could fit in Dave Gardner 26th Jul to 2nd Aug, but will the season start a week earlier to make sure we don't have another fixture pile-up at the end of this forth coming year due to inclement weather.

If so then that would be the 9th August with the Dave Gardner staying the same perhaps or being moved forward a week.

As for the final's day, I think it our turn.

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hi all after sending a message this week I received a reply from george that the final will be on sat aug2nd games starting the previous sat july 26 with midweek games tuesday and Wednesday. once he has sorted out the order of the games he will let us all know the full details. hope this helps you all

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