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Callington extra time late goal wins Charity Cup

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Callington Town 1 (Farnham 118), Dobwalls 0

A goal from Carlton Farnham, just two minutes from the end of the half hour extra time period, clinched this season's Durning Lawrence Cornwall Charity Cup Final.

For opponents Dobwalls, it means they finish beaten finalists for the second successive year, but this time around they gave everything to ensure that the final was in the balance until the very end.

Youngster Josh Gilbert, Dobwalls goalkeeper, made some crucial saves in the first half this evening

Winners Callington with the trophy

Player/manager Lee Beer will be hoping his side now go on and ensure their second trophy of the season - the SWPL Division One West League title

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Saw this one....good game. Callington deserved the win by playing some nice possession football, reducing Dobwalls to use a lot of high and long ball tactics, although they defended well - had to for the first hour. Dobwalls came back into the game for the last half hour and on chances.... could have won it.

Impressed with the right back for Callington and their number 5, number 5 faded for a while and his control in midfield was missed allowing Dobwalls a bit of a lifeline. Number 8 for Dobwalls also looked a decent player, all in all a fair result I thought....enjoyed the evening.

Excellent refereeing by Mr Knowles, you wouldn't know he was there...and that's a good job done.

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