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FA Vase Attendences

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Hmmmmmmmm Yes good attendances I agree but i'm afraid you look at the attendances for the football matches and then compare it to the 6500 people that watched the Cornish pirates play Northampton in a league match at Camborne recreation ground on sunday and i'm afraid its still rather apparant that sadly Cornwall is still a more pro rugby county then football

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Yes, fine, - but that was against ex premiership Northampton - always going to be the best 'gate' of the season.

2,654 at a Truro City FC game last season - this season...??? who knows -

the revolution is here - Cornish Rugby has failed at County level - and I am sorry about that - but the new era is here and professional good-standard soccer in Cornwall will always attract a good crowd - people that used to travel many miles to watch a good soccer match in the past will now be finding it on their own doorstep.

Watch the attendances grow....

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Cornwall has a huge untapped fan base for football. The kids out there all wear soccer shirts, have their favourite teams just like kids that live in say Manchester,Liverpool or London. Onlyproblem is we are a bit more rural.

Serve them up good football and they will come. Most SWPL West teams and those in the ECPL and Combo have more supporters than a lot of teams further North who have the advantahe of being closer to the action.

If Cornwall was say where Somerset is, I reckon we would have Southern League and Western League Premier teams scattered all over our county.

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