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Thanks for your support

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Since I started the website as a history of the Combo League in March, I have been greatful for the support and encouragement from friends and forum members.

The number of unique vistors and pages viewed are as follows

March 219 (684)

April 112 (291)

May 106 (323)

June 115 (263)

July 212 (406)

August 468 (1019)

Totals 1257 (3041)

If you visit the site say 3 times in a day only your 1st visit is counted. We've had over 3000 visitors to the site but only those 1257 count.

Thanks for the support as it makes me think it is worthwhile. Keep those results coming in as and when.



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Guest helstons14

Thanks for taking the time and effort to run such a useful site. Same applies to your effort with the predictions, I too did Helston's website prediction league last season and know of the time it takes to calculate these games to provide others with some fun. Thankyou.

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Great reference site CTB,it is the bible for JCCL and without your efforts would NEVER have been recorded for followers of this league.

I know it always available and I hope you dont mind me doing a print off now and again.

Its where I found the info' relating to Falmouth Town Res. v Holman SC (6 wins for the Camborne club in the last 7 played)

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