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Top 10 most Combo goals scored in a season

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Matt you asked for the top 10 highest totals for goals scored in the Combo League.

I haven't put in this season's teams.

1) Perranporth - 174 (2008-09)

2) Truro City Reserves - 172 (2007-08)

3) Helston Athletic - 150 (2010-11)

4) Pendeen Rovers - 143 (2010-11)

5) Perranwell - 141 (2008-09)

6) Illogan RBL - 140 (2009-10)

7) Helston Athletic - 138 (1999-00)

8=) Penryn Athletic - 134 (1992-93)

8=) Penryn Athletic - 134 (1989-90)

10) Falmouth Town Reserves - 131 (2010-11)

Are they the greatest scoring sides of all-time, yes but I don't think so. Will explain in next week's paper.

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Up to the end of last season there have been only 3 seasons where there were joint top scorers

1975/76 St Dennis and Marazion Blues with 77

1987-88 Porthleven and Penryn Athletic with 103

1992-93 Penryn Athletic and RNAS Culdrose with 98

With 52 seasons of the league played at the end of 2011-12, with these three joint scorers we can say there have been 55 joint top scorers.

Question - How many of those sides who were top scorers won their league that season or in which position did they finish?

Answer. Of the 55 top scorers they finished thus

First - 35 times

Second - 10 times

Third - 7 times

Fourth - 2 times

Fifth - 1 time

Total - 55

So the top goal scorer for any season has never been lower than 5th.

Question - What was the lowest total number of goals anyone has been top scorers for a season?

Answer - !975-76. St Dennis and Marazion Blues were joint to scorers with 77. In 1970-71 Illogan were top scorers with 78.

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Question - Which club has been highest top scorers in any season the most times

Answer - Of the 55 top scorers these are how many times they have been top scorers

Penryn Athletic - 8

Porthleven - 8

illogan RBL - 7

Truro City Reserves - 4

Perranwell - 3

St Agnes - 3

St Breward - 3

Falmouth Town Reserves - 2

Helston Athletic - 2

Marazion Blues - 2

Mullion - 2

Newquay Reserves - 2

Falmouth Town - 1

Goonhavern Athletic - 1

Mullion Reserves - 1

Nanpean Rovers - 1

RNAS Culdrose - 1

Penryn Athletic Reserves - 1

Perranporth - 1

St Dennis - 1

St Just - 1

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Falmouth Town would have won the league without much trouble if the managers and players did,nt split up and leave the club.

However they did and this proved a bonus for both Illogan and St Day but the proof is in the pudding and the team that finishes top are the best team!

St Day if you don't want accusations of paying please tell your players this as they are quite open about it!!!!!!!!!

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Their is most defiantly money at st.day

Are we really going through this again, st day as a club don't pay players, they have outside sponcers they pay travel expensives etc...

So in some people's mind then st day fc don't pay players, just generous surporters end of !!!!

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