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Possible Combo Champions tomorrow night?

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No-one seems to have mentioned it but Illogan could be crowned Combo Champions tomorrow night.

At the moment they have 84 points.

St Day can earn a maximum of 87, Perranwell can earn 85. Eveyone else is out of the race.

With St Day visiting Illogan tomorrow a win for the home side would see Illogan unable to be caught and so become Combo Champions.

A draw would see them needing a point from any of their remaining fixtures.

Will the attendance at Oxland Park tomorrow night be the biggest Combo gate of the season?

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At the moment

Illogan 84 points now with 5 to play, maximum 99

St Day 75 points now with 4 to play maximum, 87 points

Perranwell 70 points now with 5 to play maximum, 85 points

No-one else in the title race. Ludgvan maximum is 83, Pendeen 82

If Illogan beat St Day tonight the maximum St Day can reach is reduced to 84 points and Illogan would already have 87. Champions

A draw would see St Day maximum reduced to 85 points and Illogan already on that number, hence another draw after that would see them crowned Champions.

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