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Combo Prediction League Standings

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We welcome 3 new players to the game, Stroz, Eyebrows33 and Joe Dirt.

The best predictions were from St Day's No1 who got 7 from 9. So from being bottom he shoots half-way up the table!

Games that most of us got wrong were Helston beating Illogan, Ludgvan winning at Mullion and St Day winning at St Ives.

3 players at the top all on 65%

The table reads:-

Eddie Junior - 17 from 26 (65%)

Helston Patriot - same

Soccer Follower - same

Local Boy - 16 from 26 (62%)

Lil Miss Cornwall - 15 from 26 (58%)

Postie Pidge - same

Helston14 - 14 from 26 (54%)

Gillsy - same

Ronin - same

St Day's No1 - same

Barbs - 13 from 26 (50%)

Cornishteddyboy - same

Anita - 12 from 26 (46%)

Shoot The Messenger - same

Whitney - same

Winkle Picker - 9 from 17 (53&)

Alex Bradley - 8 from 17 (47%)

Flirthy - same

Eyebrows33 - 6 from 9 (67%)

Weeman - 5 from 8 (63%)

Stroz - 4 from 9 (44%)

Joe Dirt - 3 from 9 (33%)

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thanks local boy.

we have found it hard to cope since the untimley departure of stu reynolds but strive to finish in a good position again this year.

you have a good competitive side at st ives this season and will upset a lot of teams. all in all i think that on the day we just wanted it more, look forward to seeing you at our place and good luck for the rest of the season.


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