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What's happend at Hayle

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Thanks Lead Head, plenty of weight behind that post. Welcome to the forum. Can I also thank you for attending our matches, our club like others need people like yourselves through the turnstiles.

Neil has kind of the nailed the answer, but I am always here to defend our players and management.

Unsure why you have picked on Hayle FC but your association with the club must be very close to your heart. Please feel free to call me http://www.haylefc.co.uk/Hayle%20FC/About%20Hayle%20FC/Useful%20Contacts/index.htm, maybe I can provide you with a definitive answer to your question. Fingers cross this may help you sleep better this evening. I doubt that you will but I will wait in huge anticipation.

I guess you haven’t studied the clubs form guide of the past few years, we are not only a 1st team we are a club, as far as I’m concerned we are still on course to achieve better league positions than we have in the past three seasons.

Great result for the lads on Satuday's and looking forward to the visit of Holsworthy on Saturday. Hope you can make it Lead Head.

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I watched Hayle a few times this year an at the start I was really impressed. Now tho they seem to b in a slump iv spoke to a few people around the club an they seem to think its team selection ect: playing people out of position an a lot of players unhappy

:SM_carton: welcome to the forum dead head. Hayle fc are just fine mate. what we dont want

is people like you stirring. like reno says mate were a club and we win as a club or lose as a club.

how about introducing your self to me on saturday and i will try my best to reassure you on player happiness.

we have a great bunch of lads that play for thier shirt. im sure i would have been informed of any saddness

concerning team moral. :thumbsup: thank you for your concern and support.

all the best john richards Hayle fc :c:

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