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Phew! What a listing, 190 players by the CCFA, all starting from 3rd Sept

There seemed a lot from Bodmin Town(Inc,their St.Balzey signings) bearing in mind they have an away FA Vase tie on the first Saturday 8th.Sept,

and also Tavistock appeared a lot -they have two league games in the first 7days from 3rd.Sept.

any other clubs that could suffer?

Foxhole Stars showed up a lot

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Guest Postie Pidge

Scott Hall [742544] [05/10/1986]

Suspension : 1827 days from 26/2/2007 to 13/5/2007 and from 3/9/2007 to 17/6/2012

What the hell did he do?

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Guest Phil H

Where a suspension is held over from last season it is in days, where it is accrued at Step 6 this season then it is in games

Lambourne of St Blazey 1 game 1st Sept

Breslan(L) of NA Spurs 1 game 1st Sept

Pooley of NA Spurs 3 games 1st Sept

Harrity of Dartmouth 1 game 8th Sept

Hooper of Dartmouth 1 game 8th Sept

21 days after the offence, (then the Saturday if 21 days is not a Saturday) 1 game for goal-scoring opportunity or 2 yellows, 2 games for most verbal offences, 3 for serious foul play & violent conduct.

Player is suspended until the club he was sent off for has missed the appropriate number of 1st team matches (League, League Cup, FA Cup, FA Vase, Senior County Cup Competition)

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Guest Phil H

No !

He can't play for any other team until the Step 6 club has missed the required number of matches.

Although with a 1 game ban he can miss a Saturday game and play for his Sunday side !

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