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Promotion for Perranporth?

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I'm not party to the nuts and bolts of how promotion from the divisions works, but it looks like Perranporth could well get promoted into the Pen Prem league with its current team and manager. However, I've overheard gossip at Treyew Road which suggests that the reason Truro's reserve team managers left a few weeks back is because they were told they wouldn't be doing the job next season. The gossip concluded with the strong suggestion that next season Ian Gosling would be running Truro's reserves. IF that happens (IF), then traditionally a number of his current playing squad will follow him, leaving Perranporth promoted but minus the squad that achieved it, most of whom would be at Truro. IF it happens it will be yet another PR disaster for Truro!

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No promotion for Perranporth this season and perhaps next.

they haven't done the worked needed to be in SWPL Div 1 West let alone the Premier Division.

Thanks, CTB. I said I didn't know about the hows and whys of promotion in the Pen League. All is now clear: what a shame if they finish top!

And I would have seen it as a PR disaster if they'd been promoted and lost their manager and half their squad to Truro as people would have banged on about Truro's money pinching a club's successful squad, etc., etc. Thanks to CTB's explanation I can see it won't be seen in quite the same light - just the usual closed season managerial and player merry-go-round!

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Pretty sure after the recent inspections that they can't go up but Town can so a point tonight at Hayle (by my maths anyway) guarantees us 2nd place and promotion. However it would be better to go up as champions.

Good luck tonight Crappy - should be a good following cheering us on I think.

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