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Guest avidfollower

To get the facts corrected, Chris Pethick is or has been the 2nd Team Manager at Saltash United.

Secondly, is someone trying to stir things on hear by suggesting that Phil Cardew has been appointed the new 2nd Team Manager?

As for becoming the 1st Team Manager by Christmas, well I can't stop laughing.

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Sorry to disappoint anyone, but as yet no one has been appointed. The resignation of Chris came as a shock to all at the club, especially as it was felt he was doing so well!

Meanwhile, the matter will be discussed as part of a normal Committe meeting this evening.

For the time being coach Andrew Hatch will take control of the team on a "caretaker" basis while the club discuss their next course of action.

As for the mention of Phil Cardew, well looks like the good old rumour mill has kicked in! :)

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Guest Tjitsnotunusual

it has been confirmed mackenzie arnold has been given the job on a full time basis tonight , recently aqquiring his uefa b license saltash seconds could challange in my opinion he knows his stuff

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What absolute tripe. You really have to laugh at some of the postings about this. Its my understanding that the club will be issuing a statement on here sometime today and then we will all know.

If I want a good laugh to start the day I always know where to look first.

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funny how if someone has already been appointed, why has Darren Bennets (committee member of saltash utd) advertised the post of 2nd team manager on here just a few minutes ago!!!!

although saying that Gareth Southgate is out of a job!!!!!!!! And Paul Sturrock/ Rafa Benitez maybe soon!!!

Heard half the players are leaving so a new manager might need to bring some players......only a rumour though

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thought i better put a stop 2 all the rubbish put on here, just so people may understand. i have very reluctantly resigned due to not being able to continue giving the time an commitment the post deserves and needs. it has been the hardest decision of my life, but my sanity and family must come 1st.when i took the job on i new how much there was to do on a daily basis an relished the challenge, but i hold my hands up even though we were holding our own as a team, ime mentally an physically shattered hence why i reluctantly had to resign. the club and i have parted on very good and understanding terms. the 1st team management, best mate maddocks, and i, have never had a cross word and worked very well together,so the nonsense written above is complete lies.

i can except people having there opinion on me, and my footballing/managing, and even throwing the book,an verbals at me, but the truth is all i ask for.

ime sure in a couple weeks i shall be up kimberley to support my team, and club as ive always done.

chris pethick

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