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It is understandable that,when a player gets sent off the field of play,certain spectators will respond with some reasonable form of banter: and that the offending player will react with the odd gesture or comment.

But when as a result,that miscreant heads for the stand,barging past supporters to supposedly lay into an

individual and throw punches ,this is a most serious situation which can only be described as an act of violence.

Amazingly,that player enlightens us all that it was mere "handbags".

It that,indeed, is Mr.Lee Whetters' idea of "handbags" : all I can say is that I hope to God I never find myself in the same queue as him in the January Sales!

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Two players were shown red. Ben Douglas got a second yellow for a late tackle, couldn't complain about it to be honest. Lee Whetters then ran close to 30 yards to get involved with some shoving and also got sent off. Not sure if it was a second yellow or stright red. The rest is history...

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