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Saltash v Falmouth

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Bookings Saltash 2 Falmouth 3



Danny O'Hagan 13m

Sean Flynn 60m.Headed a corner

Matt Drummond 85m

Team- Chapman-Stidwell-Kellow-Flynn-Smith-Barwell(Thwaites)-Alexander-Drummond-O'Hagan-Fice-Eddy

First ever SWPL win over Saltash (in 5 games)

Biggest win at Kimberley Stadium for over 32 years (23 League/Cup games) since winning 4-1 1977-78

First time Saltash lose by 3 clear goals in their SWPL history

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What a great advert for the Peninsula League this game was. According to the prediction league, Falmouth did not have a chance of getting even a point at Kimberley Stadium. Well, not many sides play away from home with a 4-2-4 formation, but such is the confidence running through the team it made for a very attacking display. Credit has to be given to the home side, though, as it takes two teams to make a great game and Saltash are no mean side. However, this was to be Town's day and those stay at home fans need to get out of their arm chairs or they will continue to miss the best footballing side to be seen at Bickland Park for quite a few years.

Keep up the good work, everyone.

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Now all or you die hards who predicted Falmouth loosing, against Saltash, in some cases 3 0, I told you that you were under estimating Falmouth, Now you have to eat your predictions, :SM_carton:

may be in future you will think a lot harder before you make yourpredictions,

so up theTown

A very happy Hammers :clapper::c::thumbsup: :c:

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Gotta say well done to falmouth in their victory yesterday even though as a saltash fan it pains me to do so!

Falmouth were a strong unit with some very good players and i can only see them creeping up the league table.

First half was pretty even but saltash only looked like equalising from the start of the second half.

The critical point of the game came when palmer missed a sitter. If he had scored then i doubt very much if saltash would have lost yesterday.

We know palmer can't score so it was no real surprise to see his header sail over the bar but wright who is a proven goal scorer needs to have a serious word with himself.

Too many woeful performances yesterday by too many saltash players.

Madden was once a superb player out wide and needs to find that form again. Sargeant ditto.

Saltash need to regroup and get their season back on track soon. It was only three games ago that Saltash went to prior park and turned over a very good Bodmin side.

A team doesn't become a poor team overnight and saltash need to forget their last two games.

Come on ashes "earn your wages you buggers"

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Cannot see Falmouth Town in the top five! Whilst they may have made a couple of decent signings, the remainder of the squad is pretty damn average.

I have the feeling that Saltash United will still be sore from the midweek defeat at Cullompton and will demonstrate how poor Falmouth Town really are.

Kevin Hendy has a side full of talented players and will surely be title contenders this season.

Interesting result after this comment Pastyman!

I thought Falmouth were well worthy of the win and they looked an excellent side. In Sean Flynn they have a superb leader - a player that the opposition will hate yet teamates will love! In addition the centre midfielder who played the 90 was superb on the day and the right back also looked a good player. On the whole they looked a strong unit.

Dissapointed with Saltash, a strange starting line up and they were second best all day, albeit when John Heveron went into midfield they did improve and he is a really good player. Have the wheels fallen off at Saltash and whats happened to Chris Wright?

In addition to this where was the noise from the Saltash dug out. I dont think I heard anything of any note from either manager or assistant, are they the men to take the club forward? Where is the tactical instruction, the knowledge or expertise? And where are the on pitch leaders of a Sean Flynn or Tom Smith?

Look forward to seeing both teams again for varying reasons!

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The right back you are talking about is Ben Stidwell and the mid-fielder is Jamie Alexander, but to pick just a couple out is not really a true reflextion on the whole team performance. I think with the pair up front Falmouth always look like scoring, Down the right hand side Drummond giving them plenty of width and always a threat coming in from the right with Ben Stidwell always willing to attack from full back aswell as being solid at the back, on the left hand side Liam Eddy has just come in but looked lively and with Teagle out Ritchie Kellow is playing at left back again quite happy to push on, once his fitness is up to the pace of the game he won't get caught out on the odd occasion. The two cetre backs Flynn and Smith have finally jelled even tho Saltash had a couple of chances on Saturday the back four worked as a unit. Chapman was playing with an injury and was a bit hesitant a couple of time which caused a little confusion on a couple of occasions, but we all know Chappers is a good goalkeeper. The two in the mid-field Alexander and Barwell, I believe it was there first start togeather, they worked really hard and apart from a couple of rash challengies thought they dominated the middle. in genral the performance was very good alround and if they can repeat this against Bodmin on Thursday it should be a good game at Bickland.

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