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Just heard that Sol Campbell has turned down a deal from Aston Villa to sign for League Two club Notts County for a speculated wage off around £50,000 a week!!!

Any thoughts?

I think good luck to him if thats his best financial offer and for that wage, could be a nice easy way to wind down his career. I cant help thinking, however that if he signed for Villa and had an exceptional season, he could have been in line for a spot in Capellos World Cup squad as cover for Terry and Ferdinand? Theres absolutely no chance of that now, cant help thinking he's dropped down the leagues a year too early!?

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He has also been offered a coaching role at the club's centre of excellence and an ambassadorial post to push through an agreement

Im not 100% sure if he would have made the world cup squad but that is just my opinion (Counts for feck all i know)

I think it is a good move for him to be fair and with Sven at the club they are obviously trying to build something which is a good thing, Good luck i say

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this move aint a shock at all. Judas has now had 4 clubs and not a penny has been spent on transfer fees for him. This move is for greed only!!

couldn't agree more i for 1 am glad to see his international career over and watch as this average notts county side saty in that division next season!!

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Hang on a minute......

Whos the numpty here?

Sols gets offered £50,000 a week.

Takes it. Whats the problem?

Well done for him, nice little earner.

If Notts County are mad enough, thats their choice.

I supose if you were offered that youd turn it down!!!

Thought not. :rolleyes:

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Guest The Patriot

Wasn't Harry quoted he wanted to re-sign Sol? But was affraid the fans wouldn't forgive him.... Hang on a minute, he managed Pompey-Southampton then pompey again.. surely he's not that fussed what people think?? :wacko:

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And if i'm not mistaken the Goons were heard singing the Adebayor song live on ITV1 last night, the same song the condemed the mighty Spurs fans for signing claiming it was racist. Fickle, fickle goons, lets hope cheat boy Eduardo gets banned too, no place for that here thank you very much.



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hahaha not another provocative comment??

by the way that lanky streak of .... in your little clip doesnt play for you any more if you hadn't realised

Well, someone starts a thread on Sol and the spuds jump on the bandwagon. Don't you expect me to have a go back?

Yes, I think I know Ade has cleared off. I keep it on there to remind you lot how easy it is to score against you! :lol::lol::lol:

...lets hope cheat boy Eduardo gets banned too, no place for that here thank you very much.

If I remember well, you signed Klinsmann who was the biggest diver of the lot! :lol::lol: :lol:

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Name one occassion in England where Klinsmann dived? This was a reputation he came to England with and immediately poked fun at this ridiculous claim by performing a 'dive' celebration at Hillsbrough. Would he of been voted the football writers footballer of the year in 1995 if he had cheated along the way. You chose a very bad time to make this idiotic comment as i'm currently reading his book.

End of the day your boy cheated, have the balls to admit it.

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