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I was informed tonight that our young player of the year from last season, Ben Ringrose, has signed for Tregony in Duchy 5 for this season. I was looking forward to Ben and ex-swedish pro Karl Olander ripping it up in Duchy 3 this season, this isn't obviously going to be the case this seasons as he turns out for his home town team. Much like the transfer sagas occurring in the Premier League at the moment we are now going to have to step up our efforts at bringing a player of a similar ability in to fill the void that has now been left. I wish Ben the best of luck with Treggers (favourites for Duchy 5 I would have thought with Ben and the ex-Probus contingent) for the rest of the season. The Ironic thing is that we signed his brother the ex-Newquay Combo keeper back on last night too. Bad times.

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For the referencce of Mike O...

extract from wikipedia

A works team (sometimes factory team) is a term which refers to sports teams which are run by, receive financial backing from, and sometimes contain players employed by a parent company.

Association football

Several professional football clubs in the United Kingdom were formed as works teams, including Manchester United (the team of the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway depot at Newton Heath) and Livingston (formerly Ferranti Thistle). A few (semi-professional) retain their companies' names, including Airbus UK, Cammell Laird and Vauxhall Motors.

Several Argentine clubs began life as the works teams of British-owned railway companies, including Rosario Central, Talleres de Córdoba, Ferro Carril Oeste, Club Ferrocarril Midland and Club Atlético Central Córdoba, whilst European former works teams include PSV Eindhoven (Philips), Bayer Leverkusen (Bayer).

Works teams are common in Japan, with several J-League clubs starting life as such (e.g. Yokohama F. Marinos, who were originally Nissan F.C.). Modern examples include Honda F.C., Mitsubishi Motors Mizushima and Sagawa Printing. The maximum league Japanese works teams can compete in is the Japan Football League, the de facto national third division; the J. League specifically bars works teams from its ranks unless they professionalize and adopt the community they play in as a source of fan support.

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Guest Postie Pidge

I know this is off topic but

Premier Sixes FC,

Storm FC.

Titans FC

Spice of Life FC

Are we talking Cornish football which represent City/Town/Village-Not for me.

Sat Nav does not compute with that lot.

Anyone else with similar opinion

Packhorse (Sunday)

Star Inn (Sunday)

Heavy Transport

Rivieira Coasters

Tools And Dies

- Been going on for years Mike

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And your crowd 'pidge' MPad United but like you most are in Sunday Leagues -here today gone tomorrow

Should all be in the Sunday morning kick about league along with AA Taxis and the Blue Monkey etc.

"Sunday Morning Kick about League!"

Well my club's just starting its 15th season - and there are older clubs in the Sunday League - hardly HTGT.

And I didn't think we were that good. Perhaps "mis-kick about " may help readers identify to which organisation you're referring to. (Just shifted the preposition from the end of the sentence in time!)

I'm sure many Sunday morning devotees would love to encounter someone with such opinions on their Sunday morning activities.

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mike as a founder member of TITANS FC how many times can you use camborne. i know for a fact that teams hold onto names even when disbanded. just ask darren lewarne !!!! our name was derived from a film apparently? there is another way of looking at it. more people are likely to ask about your club if you do not have a town name therefore you are creating more interest in your club. surely you would be able to use your sat nav if you looked up our address in the county hand book. also dont forget there is a senior club in camborne called HOLMANS :c:

i was also involved in setting up a running club which is still going strong today called CARN RUNNERS we are a club based in camborne with runners from the local area but did not want to be have a name with camborne or redruth in so we could attract runners from both towns. so we named ourselves after carn brea. people still ask were we are from

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