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F.A Cup Final Tickets

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25,000 tickets each for chelsea and everton what a joke, both clubs have more season ticket holders than that (well chelsea anyway) this means that 40, 000 tickets will go else where so if any club has no takers for there 2 tickets CAN I HAVE THEM PLEASE, or if your club has a draw please someone put my name in the hat.

:SM_carton: the F.A :SM_carton:

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Its a disgrace! I managed to get 4 tickets for the Semi on Saturday but only via former Chelsea player, Jason Cundy who happens to be my cousin. Hoping he comes up trumps again for the Final!! The FA are a disgrace and have taken the Corporate thing too far.

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The "mistake" that Chelsea made was allowing the number of STH to exceed the number af tix available for the final (something they said they wouldn't do, but that was before we had any real sucess). The allocn to STH in 2007 was a free-for-all. This has been addressed so that this year they will be sold on a loyalty points basis which everyone agrees is the fairest method.

I'm guessing c-b is a member in which case, unless you have been to just about every game (home, away & ECL), you aint gonna get one.

It's the same arguement every year. My solution is to make them very expensive so that the supporters who really want them can get them. And it stuffs the touts at the same time.

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I got 1, though my club!! £78!!

We're going to Wembely, Tell ya ma, Tell ya ma!!

Good for you Deano and i hope the result goes your way mate :c:

Cheers Kempy!! I hope so to, don't have much luck watching Everton, only seen them win once in the last 5 times i've seen them play!! And came pretty close to gettin my head kicked in a Villa Park last season, as i was in the Villa end!!!

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