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Any info on the protests at Anfield the other night. From what little I know it seems they all wore t shirts held banners etc to protest against a fan found guilty of attempted murder. Seems a bit much if he has been found guilty to protest in such a way, what of those fans who do not wish to protest but had no choice other than to have the subject preached to them when they wanted to watch a game.

Can they do this in such a public way? Should the FA allow this? Has the guy been blatantly stitched up or just a case of us Brits not believing any of ours could be guilty?

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The evidence against Michael Shields is misleading to say the least. The Bulgarians wanted someone for the crime, so they stitched him up to it. Changed his clothes, shaved his head then put him in front of "witnesses"

Graham Sankey admitted to the crime, but didn't want to go to Bulgaria to face the consequences so later withdrew it. Jack Straw has the power to overturn his prison sentence, but he denies that he does. The Bulgarian authorities have passed him over to Britain after a fine of £91,000 was raised and paid. Bulgaria have said he can be released. So now the Justice Minister can do that.

What Brian Reade said in the mirror pretty much sums it up, I know he's a scouser and a liverpool fan, but he's followed them around, and knows what its like, you get treated differently cos you're a football fan abroad.

The hearing is today and should be done by about 4pm, cos courts don't work much later than that!!

BUT, at the end of the day, there was a man who has suffered brain damage as the result of a vicious assault, which gets overlooked in this case.

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