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Hoops will hop back to St.Blazey as manager?

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Apparently the money is halving at Penzance after Xmas so a few might be on the move. The Porthleven faction and the Truro faction are allegedly at variance.

Not that I would ever pass on unsubstantiated tittle-tattle, of course. :blink:

Surely the powers to be at Penzance budgeted for the whole season?This cropped up on another thread

and was denied.

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Nope. I'm very concerned that there has been no denial of the rumours, merely some obscurantism about committee meetings. Well, their committee meets on Sunday nights, so they should know their onions by now !

Two questions: first, if they need bailing out, are the council tax payers in line across the WHOLE of Penwith ? Secondly, if they are no longer able to pay their way in the semi-professional SWPL, are they putting in a change of membership request to the JCCL so as to play their first rather than their second team there next season ? This would need to be done by 31/12/08, so they have no time to sit on their hands !

I am very surprised that Penzance, a club with highly respected administrators, has not made any clear statements about the position. This silence speaks volumes and is deeply worrying to those of us who care for the future of football in the far west of the county.

It is surely time for the manager and players to state that they will remain loyal to the club now that the fulsome spending spree is over. Surely they would not pull the plug on the club while leading the league, but would continue playing for the sheer love of the game ? That is the least that Penzance's stalwart supporters deserve !

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