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ECPL Results 7.5.08

Guest Dermot

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All tonight's Premier Division results:-

Godolphin 2, Torpoint Athletic 0

Lanreath 3, Biscovey 1

Liskeard Athletic 4, Sticker 1

Probus 2, Wadebridge Town 1

Up-to-date table

Torpoint Athletic 24 19 3 2 89 24 +65 60

Godolphin 22 17 3 2 82 22 +60 54

Launceston 25 15 2 8 64 31 +33 47

Saltash United 23 14 3 6 66 27 +39 45

Tamarside 22 13 4 5 47 17 +30 43

Lanreath 22 12 4 6 42 29 +13 40

Sticker 24 11 4 9 60 39 +21 37

Biscovey 25 10 4 11 61 47 +14 34

Morwenstow 25 9 4 12 66 56 +10 31

Probus 24 9 2 13 40 60 -20 29

Liskeard Athletic 24 7 3 14 39 75 -36 24

Wadebridge Town 25 5 2 18 29 65 -36 17

Bodmin Town 26 3 2 21 12 112 -100 11

Padstow United 23 3 0 20 27 120 -93 9

Remaining fixtures:-

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Godolphin v Lanreath

Launceston v Wadebridge Town

Probus v Tamarside

Saltash United v Padstow United

Torpoint Athletic v Sticker

Monday, 12 May 2008

Liskeard Athletic v Padstow United

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Saltash United v Biscovey

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Probus v Lanreath

Tamarside v Godolphin

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Lanreath v Tamarside

Morwenstow v Godolphin

Sticker v Saltash United

With two games still to be scheduled

Lanreath v Godolphin

Torpoint Athletic v Padstow United

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It seems a bit daft to post the ECPL results when they are already recorded on here and on the league web site. In fact if I didn't do it you wouldn't know. And why do you ignore the Division One results, table and fixtures. If you are going to do it why not go the whole hog. I would be quite happy for you to do it.

All I do is a full edit to change the Fixtires to Results and post the results.

Anyway I'm gald that people are using the ECPL web site.

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One day ECPL I'll actually do something you will approve of! :thumbsup:

I appreciate you have already posted them, but the way you have done it, by amending the original post leavign the time of the post at 2.57pm may mean some people don't look at it.

Just trying to do my bit in helping you guys promoting your league

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Just a little commonsense thats all. Now you can put the Division One details on. You have my approval :SM_carton_y:

I'm afraid I cant help it if as I advised what I did above. the time remains unaltered for a full edit. I'm just saving myself some time. But there again when it says RESULTS that is usually what it means. Now get those Division One details on.

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Guest Dermot

Alan you are a Tart. ;0) :yahoo:

And ECLP & Dave Deacon,Crikey fellas you both do a great job but please stop having a go at each other lads. ;0( :blink:

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The Tamarside v Liskeard Atheltic match scheduled for Wednesday 30th April was postponed ude to a flooded pitch. This has still to be arranged.

You will also note that the Liskeard v Padstow scheduled for Monday has been deleted due to Padstow having to visit Torpoint on the Wednesday. This has yet to be rearranged.

Unfortunately we are at the time of the season when clubs want to get started on their gorunds. We have had some very bad weather and we have had the infamous League Cup groups which will be thankfully no longer.

Hopefully next season the ECPL will be able to have a touble free season through the league cup reverting to a knock out tournament.

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