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Best Penwith dream team (last 30 years)

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Guest Sullivan

Players from Penwith or who have played for a Penwith side? If it's Penwith Residents Dave Birt has got to be one of the forwards. Maybe Gary Marks, James Vercasi.

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What about the george brothers, john mathews, steve curnow , mark randall, marcus jose, colin payne, Darren Payne. i remember playing with these guys throughout my career, they where class players,i learn't a lot from people like steve curnow and john mathews very tough but fair players.

Best manager for me was Adrian Ferrall what a great motivator he was, made you feel you where the best player in the league.

Always will remember my days playing in the west penwith league with Sean George, darren winter and Darren Payne and colin payne.

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i don,t know to many but here e go...

gk angove

rb paul angove

lb johnny barber

centre half steve curnow

centre half john mathews

midfield colin payne - sean george - darren winters darren payne

strikers vercasie and gary marks

bench markus jose , mark and brother george, mark randall

these are the only players i know not a bad team though would be tough to beat

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What Justin :SM_carton: millard!!?? He would make the club go under, all them fines!! He's a good keeper thats for sure.

Here's my 11;

1- Paul williarms

2- John mattews

3- Sean may

4- Steve curnow

5- Andy mead

6- Sean George

7- Darren Winters

8- John MacCallem (capt)

9- Alan Russell

10- Gary Marks

11- Dave Burt

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1. Colin Williams (PC)

2. Sean George

3. Stephen Roberts (Rabbit)

4. John Matthews

5. Randall Olds

6.Polo Matthews

7. John McCallum

8. Colin Payne

9. Andy Trathen

10. Dave Burt

11. Jamie Sweeney

12. John Simpson

13. B. Sweeney

14. Gary Marks

List could be endless!!

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Andy Angove

Ben Medlin Tony Claypole Randall Olds Will James

John McCallum Barry Noye

Terry Williams

Tony Kellow Andy Trathen Colin Prior

Bench: John Pinkett, David Stafford, Paul Angove , Neil Payne, Dickie George, James Payne.

OK, maybe 40 years......

This side would score so many it wouldn't need any defenders on the bench......

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Guest striker

ive played in alot of great teams around penwith.the best being the year rosudgeon won the lot, bar the junior cup.played up front with keith gilbert.Scored 160 goals between us me having 96 the rest to keith.all great players in that team.as for the best players,for me i can name the following.keith gilbert,rob gilbert.kevin cutter.tony ellis,gary marks,colin payne,andy mead,sean george,alan spencer smith,ronnie barr.gary burt.the list goes on.

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