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This has been on before so I will try and explain it again.

There are currently 28 teams n the ECPL, 14 in each division.

The CCFA have agreed to increase the league to 32 teams, 16 in each division.

Godolphin are off to the SWPL leaving 13 teams in the Premier Division.

The bottom two Premier Division teams currently Bodmin Town and almost certainly Padstow United will be relegated. This will leave the Premier Division with 11 teams.

Assuming this is what happens the top five of Division One will be promoted. This will give the Premier Division 16 teams leaving Division One with 11 teams.

The bottom team of division one currently Lifton will be relegated leaving 10 teams. It is understood that the Duchy league will provide 2 teams. Current champions St Stephens Borough and one other either St Dominick and I think Edgcumbe.

This takes Division One up to 12 teams leaving four spaces to fill. As I understand it, Plymouth Parkway Reserves, Plymstock United Reserves and Elburton Villa Reserves have applied and would almost certainly be accepted, leaving one more team from outside the Duchy League to fill the final place.

I am almost certain this is correct, but if someone knows different please correct me

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Guest footyfan123

Heard from a usually reliable source yesterday that all three Plymouth clubs, Elburton Villa Reserves, Parkway Reserves and Plymstock Reserves have been accepted into the league. Can anyone confirm this?

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1. Padstow United and Bodmin Town were in the bottom two last season but were reprieved and not relegated. Assuming the pair (Bodmin cannot avoid finishing in the bottom two) end up in the bottom two positions why should not the league follow its rules and relegate them. I think I mentioned before that the likes of Tamarside, Morwenstow, Biscovey and fourth place Lanreath were all promoted and are currently performing well in the higher league. Denying an extra two teams promotion would show that the 'old pals act' has well and truely gone. Likewise in Division One. Lifton have 2 points from 17 games and again assuming they finish bottom then they will be replaced by the Duchy League champions as per league rules.

2. I think its a little presumptuous to say that the three clubs have been accepted into the league. That can't be done until the AGM although the three teams would provide extra quality football and terrific facilities for an expanding league that I'm sure would be an asset to the league.

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