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martin,will this mean the end for downderry?? or will you both have a side in the league next season?? nice bunch of lads at downderry.would miss them not being in the league.good luck with the liskeard side,im sure you,ll be right up there with hayle of course!!! :thumbsup:

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Hello mate, am under the impression that both will survive and flourish. Liskeard are going to be playing friendlies and entering cup competitions for the first season and therefore trying to get as many friendlies as possible now. As you stated, they are a great bunch of lads at Downderry and I was hoping to be able to play for both when possible, have already played for Downderry on a sunday morning and Liskeard in the afternoon on a couple of occasions so will see how the legs cope with that senario for a while!!!

When are you going to stop knocking that damn ball in the back of the net then mate, its getting a bit boring now for the poor defenders you know!!!!


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