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Torpoint V Padstow off

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I think we may have to wait until the league decides what to do about it. Padstow got stuffed 12-0 against Godolphin on Tuesday and now this and as Torpoint Imp said it could come fown to goal difference. The league could tell Padstow to play the game at a later date. of course they could chuch them out which would be a shame and expunge their record.

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The (probably tongue in cheek) comment about pasties highlights the implications of a no show.

A club organises catering etc around a game on a Saturday.

Also add in the tight week to week budget most social clubs operate on and it leaves the whole club with a serious financial shortfall this week. Saturday is the biggest take of the week and despite the game being off a brewery bill and staff wages still need paying.

A financial penalty and paying compensation to the victim club would perhaps make teams try harder to turn up for games they dont fancy.

Obviously the midweek drubbing has diminished Padstow's appetite for todays match

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You mean just like St Blazey Reserves were chucked out of the ECPL, or being more polite relegated.

People should not be to critical of their fellow teams. Clubs have done and still do for whatever reason find themselves in deep trouble. Football is not the same as when I played. Satruday was football day whoever you played for and that was that. Nowadays kids can't be bothered half the time, if they aren't picked they sulk and find excuses not to turn up. Unfortunately there is no loyalty now. So lets not be to critical of Padstow just yet.

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