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Forum Self Moderation - Please Read

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After discussions with the Forum Admin and Moderators we are going to introduce self moderation to the forum and need your help.

The fact is we cannot be on here 24/7. However, sometimes there are posts that overstep the line.  When signing up to the forum there are terms and conditions which we ask forum members to adhere to.

I have set up a system so that if a post is reported to us by members we can take a look, people have different thresholds but if multiple members are thinking the same the chances are the post needs to be removed or looked at further. If the system gets abused we can adjust it.

How can you report a post:

Well if you go to the top right hand corner of a post that you deem to be offensive in nature, criticising of match officials, inappropriate then report it to the site by click on the icon of three dots and click report post, then Member Flagged. It doesn't get shown to anyone else except the Admins. 

If anyone has any thoughts or questions feel free to place them here.


Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 12.00.52.png

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