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Spurs v West Ham

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somersetspur, Is that the feeder club that is still 5 points ahead of you in the league even though we have lost quite a few games of late.

4 - 0 4 - 0 4 - 0 i think we have been watching to much dancing on ice as they look like ice skating scores.

Take nothing away from the spuds though they gave us a tanking today :(

Coopsie my old friend, I expect you will be sleeping well tonight :D

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A very bad two weeks for us Hammers, I really do not know why we seem to have collapsed, so soon after doing so well,

How many top first team players have we still got on the Bench?

Ok we are not going to go down this year but we do need to put in some good results before the season ends,

as for Spurs, I have allways said do not write them off they have been improving week by week,

we can have no excuses, we have let in 12 goals in the last three games,

Curby, get them motivated,


:SM_carton::mellow::angry2::c: :c:

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Coopsie my old friend, I expect you will be sleeping well tonight :D

Cockerkneeboy "me old mucka", I went a bit mental on the old Stella Artois and was not far off sleeping before the Spurs game even kicked off :drink: . Good result, good goals (even though thanks to Ferdinand, defending was poor). Five points behind but with a game in hand is a much better position than we were in when senor Ramos took the helm. If only we could defend before he came because only Man Utd (58) and Arsenal (57) have scored more goals than Spurs (53) and we would obviously be in a much stronger position than we are now.

Now I just hope that we can put right what went wrong against PSV in the first leg and get the result we need on wednesday night (gutted it's on channel 5, that annoying irish radio 1 reject and John bloody Barnes :( ). It will be hard to go to their manor and get the necessary result but "AUDERE EST FACERE"- To Dare Is To Do. :angry2:

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