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can any one help? where can i find the newquay/truro city ladies match reports, cant find any on their web sites or truro citys?

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I'm sure they are in the Cornish Guardian (Newquay edition), if not contact the paper. Other ladies matches were forwarded to the Cornish Guardian every week. Again contact the newspaper.

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Guest Rubber Soul

Yeah, but the women's reports in the Indy are always littered with mistakes, and many people have stopped buying that paper because of the mistakes. Can we trust the results and fixtures to be right when there are so many inaccuracies in the reports? Surely the clubs put their women's match reports on their own websites, or are they not proud of them? They should be.

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Guest Man on the Post

Why is there so little input from the ladies involved in football? It appears to me that most of the information appearing in the press and on websites is compiled by men! How many ladies who actually play post match reports, information or comments on this website? Also why should the Cornwall FA women’s committee consist of 6 men and 1 woman? Perhaps Anita or Aggiemaid could enlighten us? I suppose it does explode the myth that men are no good at multi-tasking! :D

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Here are some Ladies football web sites, I'm sure there are others.

Saltash United LFC


Torpoint Athletic LFC


Bude Town LFC (They are on the men’s site)


Marazion LFC


Hayle LFC (They are on the men’s site)


St Agnes LFC (A little bit on the men’s site)


Wadebridge Town LFC


Callington Town LFC has one but not updated


Mullion LFC


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Guest littlebigbum

I think Newquay Ladies need to look at the background?! its there to see the girls are not happy, players in the team who, lets be honest, are lazy and need to learn what the word Teamwork means, players who seem to think they are bigger then the club, then there are those players who work their socks off in postions they have never played before, Dawna is a 20/30 goal a season player, a strong forward runner with great team work and personal work ethic, why is she playing in defence? where are all these players that are meant to be coming down to the club?!? Im sorry to say, that if this continues the team may find itself losing some of the players this team need to try and keep hold of, i pay money to watch these girls and all i can see from the stands is upset within the team, silly substitues being made and putting the girls under pressure, is the manager trying to throw away what has taken several years to bulid? Truro help these girls out!!!

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