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SWPL prediction

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Guest Steve Birley

Enjoyed watching Parkway at Speeds Meadow (Cullompton ) on Tuesday Night - the front two scored a classic 'twin striker' goal and their combined play was worthy of the entrance money alone, Sergeants movement was very good - as single goal wins go this was a comfot zone one - good luck to Parkway for the remainder of the campaign. Having seen both Falmouth and Parkway in recent weeks I am not sure where I'd put my money as to who'll finish above the other, but if I had to I'd run with Parkway - of only for that potent strike partnership.

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Gotcha!! I thought you might be on. Nothing good on the telly I suppose.

In any case it may not be the same person as the Cullompton chap as he is called Stephen.

Get a life for goodness sake.

I'll let you know when I intend to make a mistake, or I may disguise it. If I can make your day a little more happy then that makes me happy.

Anyway its time for a pint.

I still think this thread should be moved to another section.

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