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Combo Results Round-up

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This weeks results seem to be everywhere so here is a round-up


Holman SC 4-2 Falmouth Town Reserves

Mullion 0-2 Wendron CC United Reserves

Penryn Athletic Reserves 2-0 Ludgvan

St Just 2-5 RNAS Culdrose

League Cup Q-F

Hayle 0-1 Truro City Reserves

Illogan RBL 7-0 Newquay Reserves

St Agnes 2-4 Helston Athletic

(Porthleven Reserves, Truro City Reserves, Illogan RBL and Helston Athletic through to semi-finals)

Sup Cup Prelim

Perrenporth 5-1 Penzance Reserves

St Ives Town 1-2 Perranwell

Any comments on the League Cup

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Seeing yesturday that my dad (CornishTeddyBoy) had to take a Pz Player to hospital before the match started, he entrusted me to write the match report. Read it below - i hope it is of a good standard (maybe even better than dads lol - just winding him up). ^_^ Lil-Miss-Cornwall aka Chelle

Cornwall Combination League

Supplementary Cup Preliminary Round

Perranporth 5-1 Penzance Reserves

Both teams took a break from league action to play this Supplementary Cup fixture. Penzance arrive with 12 but only play with 11 as Mike Burt is injured pre-game and has to go to hospital.

Penzance won the kick off and chose to face seaward away from the glare of the sun.

The game starts with immediate pressure from a young depleted Penzance side. Penzance get a corner, the only corner of the match. Marcus Smith takes the corner, ball misses just wide of the right side of the goal. Perranporth put some pressure back onto Penzance when Perran’s Captain John Williams shoots from a throw-in which Damien Norman (Penzance’s Goal Keeper) jumps and saves from a high ball just short of the right top corner of the goal mouth. Then only a few minutes later, Perran break down their left, Perran’s Simon ‘Jonah’ Jones scores from a quick but simple shot into the left hand side of the Pz goal making it 1-0 to Perranporth only eight minutes into the game. After another ten minutes of fairly even midfield play with no real chances, Perranporth put some pressure onto the Penzance right wing. A PP player crosses and misses the goal on top left. A team of three Penzance players Marcus Smith, Sam Long and Adam Thomas put in some pressure towards the Perran goalkeeper James ‘Quaker’ Oates. After some passing back and forth, Long shoots toward the goal but the ball rebounds off a Perran’s players legs. Thomas, for Pz, shoots again and the ball is caught by the Perranporth goal keeper.

PP break through the left hand side defence and use a good bicycle kick which causes the Pz keeper to jump once again and save from top left hand corner. After more fairly even play, Long crosses the ball through the defence to Pz’s Jack Liddicoat which he then boots into the top right hand side of the Perran goal. PP 1 – Pz 1 (40 mins) Perranporth goalkeeper dives for the ball but misses.

Not long after the off another Penzance trio, Long, M. Smith and Jack Liddicoat put some more pressure onto Perranporth after a Pz throw-in. Long shoots the ball towards PP which recoils off a PP players legs. A high kick from M. Smith aims towards the awaiting Pz player Liddicoat who misses the ball but runs after it, Liddicoat aims to kick it but the ball bounces and ends in the Perranporth goalkeeper’s arms while Liddicoat ends up in the goal, another near miss for Penzance.

Half Time: HT spectator count: 36 (3 Penzance)

Not long after half time, Penzance break down the Perranporth defence but a bad tackle from Perranporth causes Pz to be given a direct free kick from the referee. Liddicoat takes the free kick which is caught from a jump by the Perranporth goalkeeper. After the PP goal kick Perranporth puts some immediate pressure onto Penzance but after a lucky kick from one of the Penzance defence, leaves Liddicoat free to shoot through the defences toward the Perran goal.

The Perranporth goalkeeper catches the ball at chest height but spills it, Penzance player J. Williams boots the ball which scores in the bottom left of the goal. Perranporth Linesperson flags for offside which causes the referee to decide to disallow the goal. The Perranporth spectators didn’t understand what was wrong with the goal.

Not long after Penzance had the disallowed goal, Perranporth’s player Jamie ‘Coxy’ Cox crosses the ball through the Penzance defence which hits the bar. Penzance keeper saves the ball but spills it, where a quick kick from Sam Mansfield ends with Perranporth scoring another goal that goes straight into the centre of the goal, leaving Perranporth 2-1 up to Pz on 54 minutes into the game.

Not long after the goal another shot from Perranporth sets up Simon Jones to shoot the ball which goes straight through four of Penzance player’s legs and into the goal, making it 3-1 to Perranporth on 56 minutes.

After yet again more midfield play, Penzance are awarded a free kick for a bad tackle. The 35yd kick is taken by Pz’s M. Smith who curves the ball which skims outside of the Perranporth goalpost. Perranporth put immediate pressure onto Pz. A good shot from Perran’s Alex ‘Didier’ Arquati causes a quick thinking save from Pz’s goalkeeper. Not long after this save, Perran get another chance, after a cross from the left hand side of the box, Perran’s Lee Denson scores from a shot into the bottom left of the goal making it 4-1 to Perranporth on 80 minutes of game play.

Penzance then take off an injured player and without subs they play the last minutes with only 10 men. Perranporth player (?) booked for handball. Perranporth quickly took hold of Penzance and brake down the left hand side, they shot from the left but the ball flies high over the Pz goal. Shortly after the Pz goal kick the ball comes back at Penzance with a quick shot down the left from Perran’s Arquati makes it 5-1 to Perranporth on 85 minutes. Perranporth nearly scored another goal after this but once again it went straight over the Pz goal. FT.

Man of Match - Penzance? - I'd say Marcus Smith, Perranporth - Sam Mansfield



Damien Norman (GK), Jack Liddicoat, Tony Riggall (Captain), Marcus Smith, Sam Long, J. Williams, Adam Thomas, Shane Rowe, Zack Podd, Danny Michaels, Ian Smith.

Subs: None


Team and Subs (Not sure who was subbed?)

James ‘Quaker’ Oates (GK), Daniel ‘Dowie’ Ball, Jamie Hall

John Williams (Captain), Martin ‘Wingnut’ Bennetts, Paul ‘Knighty’ Knight, Shaun ‘Spoiler’ Clements, Sam Mansfield, Jamie ’Coxy’ Cox, Alex ‘Didier’ Arquati, Simon ‘Jonah’ Jones, Tom ‘Trevez’ Byrne, Andy Perkins, Alex Fields, Lee Denson.

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Yay someone relised i'm a woman :) i had a game this after noon and this supporter said 'surely thats a foul throw linesman, his foots on the pitch' I did giggle to my self his sat 10 yards from the line telling me that someones foots on the pitch and didn't even relise i was a linesWOMAN, and the players feet where on the line :D

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Combination league cup

Hayle 0-1 Truro City

We nearly became only the second team this season to hold Truro to a draw and I think we deserved a draw after a great performance from the whole team who to a man gave everything they had to get something out of this game most people would expect us to get a hammering from a very good Truro side.

We set our stall out to frustrate them and not give them time on the ball and try get something on the break we done that and with some great defending and work rate back to front and our keeper Steve Luke brought off some good saves the more the game went on at 0-0 we thought we might steal something at the end but a great free-kick on the edge of our 18 yard box by Justin Harrington in the 87minute left S Luke no chance bending it over the wall going in off the post. As good a free kick you see anywhere at any level.

Well done Truro a good bunch of lads the game played hard and fair best of luck in the semi-finals.

And just to say the ref had a good game fair to both sides.

That’s us took Truro and Perranwell very close in the last three weeks, building for next season we getting better each week well done lads.

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The Perranporth goalkeeper catches the ball at chest height but spills it, Penzance player J. Williams boots the ball which scores in the bottom left of the goal. Perranporth Linesperson flags for offside which causes the referee to decide to disallow the goal. The Perranporth spectators didn’t understand what was wrong with the goal.

The ball actually hit the underside of the bar and bounced down from a very good shot Lil Miss Cornwall - I didn't drop it, I didn't actually touch it!

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