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Cheerio Truckers, All the best with whatever you decide to do next.

Bere Alston are indebted to you for the goals you have scored for the club, particularly in their promotion season from the Duchy League.

Since taking over from Paul Blatchford I obviously haven't seen you at your best, but your goalscoring record over the years speaks for itself.

Unfortunately against some of the stronger opposition in the ECPL, I couldn't always guarantee you 90 minutes.

In recent weeks when we have had to do a lot more defending and needed an outlet, I had decided to go with Zak up front for his ability to hold on to the ball and link up with those players breaking from midfield.

In those games I felt you would have had more impact coming off the bench, with your eye for goal against tired legs.

Unfortunately things have not quite worked out, but hopefully if you don't decide to hang up your boots, someone will be able to guarantee a start each week for another season or two.


Kev T.

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Kev, I appeared to be doing ok against the stronger teams in the league before you came along, as i believe i still am the top scorer in the division (20) and have scored many goals against stronger opposition over the years. I find it a very strange decision to leave the top scorer of the league out each week especially as results have been poor of late. But football is about opinions.

All the best anyway.

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20 goals. 12 in the league and 8 in the league cup with 3 hat tricks. This the same as Paul Cowling of Tavistock who has 11 in the league, 8 league cup and 1 Devon Senior Cup.

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If u have Chris Truscott u play him in my opinion, as mentioned his record speaks for itself. scores alot more often than not. and have to say im not sure many leading scorers get left out alot, i like truckers find that odd.

Anyway mate u will get plenty of offers im sure so keep banging them in. all the best Hakey

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Yes Chris but if you are still registered with Bere Alston, it would be an illegal approach to show an interest on here surely.

We are up there on Saturday come and see me. Good Looking Lad with the Leeds gear on.

I know we enguired last season before you went to Bere Alston where i might add you had a terrific season goalscoring wise. We have just signed 2 players from another club 1 swpl and 1 ecpl both forwards, but you can never allow for an opportunity of a great goal scorer becoming available.

Come see us on Saturday me or my Assistent Henry Shazell

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I decided to Ref down West this season,Combo,Falmouth/Helston & Mining Leagues,really enjoying it,good attitudes and passionate teams. :clapper:

Still DJing,so what info did you need mate ? ;0) :c:

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