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Sad news that the owner has put the club into liquidation two days before the spring season starts , some of them are in club accommodation and some are part of the England squad ,  so some will lose their jobs and home , shocking development  , hope the PFA and the FA can step in and help them , as also the transfer window has passed , the ladies only found out five minutes before made public and the owner couldn't tell them face to face as he was picking up his family from the airport . Great way to run a club .


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Not a lot of media coverage on this story , such a shame as women's football has come on leaps and bounds what i do like  about it is the refs still get respect and you don't see a lot of rolling around after a challenge they just get up and get on with it , bd has a point about other clubs but a lot have their squad quota already , doesn't look good for Notts county football club .




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