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Combo Prediction League Standings

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As there are no games mid-week as Newquay's game is off due to floodlight problems so I can do the league early this week. What a poor Saturday for prediction results. Of the people who had a go the highest score was 2 out of 4. Mullion winning at Ludgvan and Pz and St Day drawing threw all of us off. Soccer Follower has retaken the lead again, Helston Patriot is up 1 as is Stroz who never even had a go this week. The rest of us cos we were so bad we have have got lower %'s now!

Soccer Follower 63.7% (86/135)

Barbs 63.3% (81/128)

Gillsy 63.2% (86/136)

Helston Patriot 61.1% (80/131)

Eddie Junior 61.0% (83/136)

Stroz 59.7% (43/72)

Local Boy 59.6% (81/136)

Postie Pidge 58.5% (62/106)

Weeman 57.0% (49/86)

Shoot The Messenger 56.9% (62/109)

Eyebrows 33 56.4% (62/110)

St Days No1 56.0% (70/125)

Ronin 56.0% (75/134)

Phats 55.6% (5/9)

Anita 54.4% (74/136)

Winkle Picker 54.3% (25/46)

Lil Miss Cornwall 53.3% (65/122)

Helston 14 53.1% (69/130)

Cornishteddyboy 50.0% (68/136)

Doomer 17 48.0% (24/50)

Joe Dirt 37.7% (40/106)

The ones below are not active


The Big No9

Common Tater


Alex Bradley


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I live in hope and could never win anything. Having watch Pz home and away since 1975 I have only ever won the raffle or 50/50 3 times and 2 of them were away from home.

I remember winning a bottle of sherry at an away game and drank the whole bottle on the train on the way home. Got back to Pz station pi##ed as a newt. In those days I used to drink neat vodka so everyone thought the sherry was a p##f's drink so that's why I drunk it all to prove myself. Never touched the stuff since.

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