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divisional rep sides

Guest cola

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years ago i remember we had fal/hel division 1 and 2 rep sides playing each other, whats happened to it? why cant we have it again? would people be interested? who would your players be in each of the fal/helston divisonal rep sides?

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Guest helstons14

I'll have a go from what I know. not going to pick players from my own team as its bias.

GK- Jer Brown (Wendron)



CB- Chris Earl (Mawnan)

CB- Will Duke (Lizard)

CM- Martin McPhilbin (Mawgan)

CM- Damien Stevens (Mawnan)

CM- Tom Hendy (Lizard)

FW- Jake Harvey (Fal Ath)

FW- Mike Elliot (Chacewater)

FW- Alan Thomas (St Keverne)

Any suggestions for the blanks? Very difficult.

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Guest helstons14

Alright Breas, the reason I didn't wanna put Halli in was because its bias to put any of our players in, but halli is awesome at the moment and enjoying it too.

Macca is a legend... not up to his standard yet!

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div three, i would put in, bare with me as i do not know there names, but im sure you guys would help me out. in goal, simon from lanner, left back? centre back the guy who wears a knee brace, has a shaved head from ruan, same with right back, dickie goddard, strong and committed, five midfielders, aaron, a quick young guy on the right, again from lanner, jack, an eighteen year old, very impressive, good vision, use to play south western league i think, mark buchanon from helston, knocks the ball around well, tony matthews from mullion, left wing ? up front porthleven have a very quick guy, talented on both feet, sorry dunno his name, a right handful, and a toss up between andy ashton from mullion and the forward for camborne park, theres prob others but not played against them so cant include.

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cant mention ne sorry any of the athletic boys

gk;moushole kps

lb;matt davis =chasemater

cb;patrick witcomb=fal albion

cb;chris earl=mawnan

rb;lizard rb

rw;martin somethng from st kevern

cm;damian stevens

cm;mike cillia=chasewater

lw;helston 14

cf;mike elliot

cf;tony morley

thats jus quik 1 off top my head bt would be different if you could put your own teammates in honestly

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well cola first of all you get your league commitee interested in it which i believe the fal-hel league commitee are not . then they appoint a manager for each division then the manager picks a squad . the mining league did this earlier in the season . best of luck with your league . wouldnt it be nice to have a day at the end of the season where all three mining division select sides played against their opposite select sides from the fal-hel league . you could have the division three select kick off in the morning then the div 2 at say two pm then the div1 game at four pm and all at the same venue

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