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U18 county cup

Guest keano

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excuse me ?? i take it from that comment you were down millbrook the other week then ,

off day for us and proberly the best result your lads will have all season.

i dont need to come on here looking for people to prase my team, was just simply enquiring about other teams in the cup. my team will do there talking on the pitch ,

good day to you sir ,

im sure we will be lookin down on you come the end of the season

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Guest L Binzo

Keano, given the number of players from Newquay in the Cornwall Under 18's then I would have thought that they must be favorites to win the cup.

Yes Torpoint Imp and myself were down at the match a few weeks ago. We were surprised with the final result as after fifteen minutes thought we had the game sown up

Views are different regarding games but I thought I watched one Torpoint player run at your defense for fun and basically run riot.

All the best for the rest of the season, let us hope your players full fill their potential but they do not have the opportunities that the Torpoint youth players have within our club.

Understand you had to beat Woolwell via penalties in the cup match today.

I am sure there will be a few games between yourself and Torpoint this season. Let the best side win

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sometimes as im sure you will agree you have to win ugly , and today was a day like that , we were poor , just like we were poor against yourselfs , i dont agree about the opportunities within the club tho , what do you base that on ?

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gentlemen, sunday the 14th. the county cup starts. Keano, and Torpoint imp, if you were at last years final.and going by your assumptions. of having so many county players. in a team. means nothing. speak to

Andy Rundle st blazey. penryn were 4 up after 20 mins. game over. fellas you know as well as i do. its the

team that wants it most. on the day. that counts. As for who i thinkis in with a shout. Iillogan. wish both of

you teams. well in the cup. :clapper:

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For the benefit of Keano......

As manager of Woolwell U18's I think a lot of credit must go to my lads for your apparent 'poor' performance last Sunday.

We learnt from our earlier league meeting (2-0 to Millbrook) that if we sit off and let you play you have the quality to pass us off the park and destroy most teams at this level.

However, we worked our socks off in an attempt to close you down and stop you from getting your passing game together and to a great degree we succeeded in knocking you out of your stride, took a surprise lead after 2 minutes and held on for best part of an hour.

Yes you came on strong after that but again my lads deserve great credit for hanging in there, defending doggedly and forcing extra time, before going down on the dreaded penalty shoot-out.

And, just for the record, we did exactly the same the previous week, having rode our luck and in a one sided first half (going in 1-0 down) we came back to frustrate the hell out of Torpoint and snatched a smash and grab 2-1 victory in the last minute.

As for the Cornwall County Youth Cup, there are some quality teams west of St Austell and Newquay are a good bet in my book.

Best of luck to both Torpoint & Millbrook for the rest of the DJM U18 Cambridge season, but I reckon Plymstock Utd will nick that one that one.

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