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Positive news regarding the SWPL (Promotion candidates)


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Press Release: Issued Midday Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Subject: Applications for Promotion to, and within the SWP League

Following the closing date for applications (1st March) for all types of promotion I am pleased to report that the following clubs have applied:


Allocation of club from outside the feeder league system:

Plymouth Argyle Reserves


Step Seven to Step Six: (East & West to Premier)

Helston Athletic                                 West Division

Liskeard Athletic                               West Division

St Dennis                                           West Division

Sticker                                                West Division

Tavistock                                            East Division

Teignmouth                                        East Division


Feeder Leagues to Step Seven :

Edgcumbe                                       East Cornwall Premier League

Plymouth Marjons                              Plymouth & West Devon League
Mullion                                                Cornwall Combination League

Tiverton Town Reserves                   Devon & Exeter League

Torridgeside                                        North Devon League
Wendron United                                Cornwall Combination League


The next stage of the application process is for the ground grading sub-committee to visit each of the applicant clubs grounds, these visits will be conducted in late March / Early April. The report of the grounds committees findings, together with clubs final league positions, will then go forward to the board so that final decisions on who is successful can be decided.


Premier Division applicants: One club from each of East & West can be promoted only, based on ground inspection & final league tables. Elmore are regarded as the bottom club so relegation is reduced from two to one. (Should Exmouth or St Austell achieve promotion to Step 5 this may not apply).


Division One East & West: Normally two clubs only can be accepted each year, but at this time it is possible that additional spaces may exist (maximum of 4). In the event of too many clubs, those that pass the ground grading are then scrutinized on final league positions.


Due to two withdrawals from Step 7 (Foxhole & Truro City) since the last AGM, those two clubs are considered the relegated clubs under the league rules. No further clubs will be relegated this year.


The maximum strength of the league is 56 clubs, 20 in Premier and 18 in each of East & West.


The application by Plymouth Argyle is to fill a vacancy in the current structure, which is permissible under FA regulations and will be discussed by the board of directors at their regular March meeting.



Philip Hiscox  (Company Secretary)

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With a possible 4 spaces to be filled in Div 1 then I guess Argyle Reserves could take one of these places without question.

However if a space became available in the Prem would they be allowed to take it seeing as only 1 from each Div 1 can be promoted?

The question is based around if St Austell do get promoted and Exmouth do side step. This would mean only 19 teams after promotions and no relegation!

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I have a few questions:

What league would Argyle Reserves go in to - if accepted?

Where would their home pitch be?

Is there likely to be any clubs dropping down into the prem from step 5?

If the west already has two "relegations" in truro and foxhole, does that mean that providing they finish in the appropriate places, then 2 clubs will be promoted from the feeder leagues?

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If the west already has two "relegations" in truro and foxhole, does that mean that providing they finish in the appropriate places, then 2 clubs will be promoted from the feeder leagues?

Yeh, I suppose in theory four teams could be promoted from feeder leagues as some teams could be transferred from divisions eg Okehampton to the west or Vospers to the east.

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Thanks Mike, my fingers didn't compute what I was trying to say. Only one per feeder league.


If it was Argyle Reserves, I would imagine Home Park would be the ground. The 'A' team have previously used Harper's Park and Bolitho Park as well as Millbay Park, Marsh Mills, Home Park and a pitch in Torpoint whilst in the SWL.

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